The Crystal Cup

Title: The Crystal Cup

Author: James C. Bradford

Publisher: Thematic Music Cue Sheet, 1927


Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: James C. Bradford

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  1. At screening: “Love Theme” from Fall of a Nation by Herbert
  2. Somewhere in the slums: “Appassionato in A minor” by Savino
  3. Such was the background: “Fragrance Lane” by Fresco
  4. Would you like to dance: “Bye-Bye Pretty Baby” by Hamilton
  5. Man places hand on her shoulder: “Passionato” by Borch
  6. Five years slipped by: “Nocturne” by Elie
  7. Old age will be served: “Silver Threads” by Danks
  8. And now dear: “Of Old-time Flavor” by Sudds
  9. Gita closes panel: GITA THEMN – “Canzonetta” by Herbert
  10. Flash-back to boudoir: “Poem” by Fibich
  11. Gita didn’t rejoice: “Reverie D’Amour” by D’Aquin
  12. On the crossroads of life: “Dance of the Furies” by Gluck
  13. Geoffrey recognizes Gita: “Moonlight Serenade” by Lodge
  14. After large dinner: Repeat Gita Theme No. 9
  15. I’m sorry to interrupt you: “Valse Dramatique” by Rapee
  16. Gita had often surprised: “Serenade” by Herbert
  17. Girl friend enters: “Moon Madness” by Lodge
  18. Everyone began to wonder: “Chatter” by Kahn
  19. Bylant enters: “Air de Ballet” by Massenet
  20. Well, I might get married: Repeat Gita Theme No. 9
  21. Change to Geoffrey at desk: “Valse Modern” by Lodge
  22. Insert wedding announcement: LOVE THEME – “No One Knows” by Gordon
  23. A woman may pretend: “Whimsical Charms” by Fresco
  24. Gita’s ball: “Calling” by Golden
  25. Gita leaves ball room: “Because I Love You” by Berlin
  26. Dial of clock shows: “Bridal Chorus” by Wagner
  27. When all those things: Repeat Gita Theme No. 9
  28. Bylant leaves: “Just a Wearin’ For You” by Bond
  29. While Bylant fumed: “Marionettes” by Arndt
  30. How is Eustace getting: “Piazza del Popelo” by Frederiksen
  31. Days without Bylant: Repeat Love Theme No. 22
  32. What are you doing out here: “Karma” by Herbert
  33. Bylant at desk drinking: “Banquos Ghost” by Leuschner
  34. Gita at window of boudoir: “All Alone” by Berlin
  35. Figure sneaks into room: “The Rebellion” by Patou
  36. Gita recognizes Bylant as intruder: “Agitato Ala Valse” by Savino
  37. Bylant lying in bed: “In the Heart of the Hills” by Lee
  38. Geoffrey and Gita close-up: Repeat Love Theme No. 22

Source: Carl Braun Collection


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