Two Arabian Nights

Title: Two Arabian Nights

Author: Ernst Luz

Publisher: Thematic Music Cue Sheet, 1927


Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: Ernst Luz

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  1. At Screening; “Arabian Romance” by Polla
  2. France, 1918: “A.B.C. Dram. Set No.21 D-4” by Luz
  3. Soldier In Muddy Trench Takes Off Mask: “A.B.C. Dram. Set No.21 E-5” by Luz
  4. After Second Soldier’s Mask Is Taken Off: Repeat No.2 “A.B.C. Dram. Set No.21 D-4”
  5. Soldier Knocked Down: “Minor Hurry” by Berge (LIGHT BLUE)
  6. Prisoners From The Allied Camps: “March of the Giants” by Cowen (BROWN)
  7. German Officers Show on Screen: “Romance of Autumn” by Marquardt
  8. Fade-Out After Identification Is Taken Out of Officer’s Pocket: Repeat No.6 (BROWN)
  9. The Cootie’s Crematory; “Miss Mischief” by Kempinski
  10. Officer Sees Drawing: “My Buddy” by Donaldson
  11. Days Spent: “A Mysterious Episode” by Engleman (BLACK)
  12. Officers Enter Sleeping Quarters: “Appassionato Patetico” by Bradford
  13. After Things Quiet Down: Repeat No.11 (BLACK)
  14. Two Soldiers Come Out of Snow: Repeat No.6 (BROWN)
  15. Two Soldiers In White Drop Down In Snow: “The Bravado” by Axt
  16. Escaping Prisoner Killed By Electric Wire: Repeat No.11 (BLACK)
  17. Guard Comes From The Tower and Re-Enters: “March of the Giants” by Cowen (BROWN)
  18. Big Soldier In Water Regains Consciousness and Sneezes: “A Frivilous Patrol” by Goublier
  19. Fade-Out After Title “BRAINS, I’M REALLY DISGUSTED WITH YOU”: “On The Bosphorus” by Lincke
  20. Soldier Lights Match—Car Burns: “Minor Hurry” by Berge (LIGHT BLUE)
  21. Soldiers Hiding In Hay Wagon: “Laughing Beauties” by Berge
  22. Suffering Catfish, What Next: “Dance of the Night Hawks” by Gurney
  23. Soldier Takes Money Out of Shoe: Repeat No.20 (LIGHT BLUE)
  24. Girl Saved From Drowing Carried on Ship: “The Night in Araby” by Snyder (LIGHT GREEN)

SEGUE: “The Giggling Girl” by Delille

  1. Boy Soldier Gets Up From Drawing To Go To Washroom for Clothing: “In Flowerland” by Golden
  2. Soldier Pushed Into Bathtub: “Ripples” by Brewer
  3. Two Soldiers In Bed: Repeat No.24 (LIGHT GREEN) (Introd. And verse only)
  4. Two Soldiers Walk Through Pilot House: “Incid. Miniatures No.7” by Hauenschild
  5. Girl Takes Soldier’s Arm: Repeat No.24 (LIGHT GREEN)
  6. Girl Enters Stateroom: “The Night in Araby” by Snyder (WHITE)
  7. You’re Just A Preliminary: “Lost Paradise” by Kempinski
  8. The Magic of An Asia Minor Moon: Repeat No.30 (WHITE)
  9. After Boy Is Seen Drawing Picture: “Vision Orientale” by Marquardt
  10. You Are Quite An Artist: Repeat No.30 (WHITE)
  11. Sergeant Without Trousers Shows On Screen After Girl Enters Stateroom; “Prelude in C Minor” by Drumm
  12. Ship Captain Put Out of Stateroom: Repeat No.30 (WHITE)
  13. Soldier Without Trousers Leaves Stateroom: Repeat No.35 “Prelude in C Minor”
  14. Dodging The Captain: “Haydee” by Borch
  15. Big Soldier Takes Ship Captain’s Arm and Walks Him From Camera: “Persian March” by Herbert
  16. Close-Up of Turk: “The Night in Araby” by Snyder (WHITE)
  17. Launch Sails Off: “Minor Hurry” by Berge (LIGHT BLUE)
  18. Two Soldiers Jump Into Water After Title “WE’RE LEAVING”: “in A Persian Market” by Ketelbey
  19. The Palace of Mirza’s Father: “Vendetta” by Busser (RED)
  20. Exterior Scene—Two Soldiers Show: “Incid. Miniatures No.3” by Schertzinger
  21. Soldier Picks Up Note Thrown By Girl: “March of the Spooks” by Baron
  22. And Now Gentleman: Repeat No.43 (RED)
  23. Note On Screen—Do Not Enter: Repeat No.41 (LIGHT BLUE)
  24. Street Scene: “Arabian Song” by Vogrich
  25. End of Prayer—People In Street Run: Repeat No.41 (LIGHT BLUE)
  26. End of Street Scene: “Phantom Visions” by Stevenson
  27. Where’ll We Take Her: Repeat No.40 (WHITE)
  28. Lovers Kiss: Repeat No.43 (RED)
  29. Officer Walks Out of Room: “The Night in Araby” by Snyder (WHITE)
  30. Officer Returns To Room With Swords and Pistols: Repeat No.43 (RED)
  31. First Gong Stroke: Drummer Catch Three Strokes on Gong and Pistol Shot
  32. After Pistol Shot: “Tears” by Schertzinger
  33. Pistol Shot: Repeat No.43 (RED)
  34. I Can’t Speak Arabic: “Agitato Misterioso” by Becce
  35. Pistol Shows After Girl Enters Carriage: Repeat No.43 (RED)
  36. Home James: Repeat No.53 (WHITE)

Proper Rest Period Is Nos.16 to 25 inclusive.

NOTE: The repetition of numbers in this cue sheet is simplified by the use of the “LUZ” SYMPHONIC COLOR GUIDE, sold by Music Buyers Cornoration. 1520 Broadway, New York City. The color suggested for repetition of numbers designates the Mood or Emotion, and is used as a code for such repetitions.

Source: Carl Braun Collection

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