The Big Noise

Title: The Big Noise

Author: Eugene Conte

Publisher: Thematic Music Cue Sheet,


Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: Eugene Conte

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  1. At screening: “Manhattan” by Rodgers
  2. The thunderous anthem: “Allegro Scherzoso No. 2” by Pintel
  3. Ash barrels thrown down steps: “Don’t Wake Me Up” by Baer
  4. John wakes up: THEME, “The Joker” by Srawley
  5. Sophie goes back to bed: “The Village Cut-Up” by Egener
  6. Among the big noises: Repeat Theme No. 4
  7. Crowd stops at billboard: “Ripples” by Lowitz
  8. John enters employee’s room: Repeat No. 2 “Allegro Scherzoso No. 2”
  9. Coney Island: “Ain’t We Got Fun” by Whiting
  10. Sophie and Phillip thrown off revolving floor: “She Knows Her Onions” by Yellen
  11. Pop thinks I’m going to: “Monkey-Hop” by Rapee
  12. Close-up of dog house: Repeat No. 9 “Ain’t We Got Fun”
  13. Mother laid on couch: Repeat Theme No. 4
  14. John and Phillip enter room: “Cynical Scherzando” by Axt
  15. Three o’clock: “Side By Side” by Woods
  16. Sophie and boy in hall: “I’ve Been Longing For a Girl Like You” by Sherman
  17. Put this among your souvenirs: “Our Gang” by Claypoole
  18. Ice wagon seen: Repeat Theme No. 4
  19. Down to work: Repeat No. 2 “Allegro Scherzoso No. 2”
  20. Train men jump to tracks: “Joyous Appassionato” by Carbonara
  21. In the subway company’s: “Carnival Grotesque” by Savino
  22. The daily mail had: “Ain’t That a Grand and Glorious Feeling?” by Ager
  23. Doctor enters room: “The Jesters” by Carbonara
  24. Change to mother: “Desire” by Siewert
  25. She’s got to have more children: Repeat No. 17 “Our Gang”
  26. After children leave room: “The Mischief Makers” by Carbonara
  27. Supreme Luxury: Repeat Theme No. 4
  28. William Howard: “It All Depends On You” by Henderson
  29. The curious: Repeat No. 24 “Desire”
  30. Doctor folds John’s arms—puts flower on chest: “Burlesque on Chopin’s Funeral March” by Kempinski
  31. Mother leaves: “Corn Huskers” by Kaufman
  32. Getting the hero ready: Repeat No. 7 “Ripples”
  33. A city’s tribute: “See the Conquering Hero Comes” by Bennet
  34. No longer a whisper: Repeat Theme No. 4
  35. Fade-out—John reading speech: “A Hot Time” by Beyer
  36. I have the honor to: “Jollity” by Zamecnik
  37. Back home: Repeat Theme No. 4
  38. Two men enter: Repeat No. 26 “Mischief Makers”
  39. Friends in hall with wreath: “My Hero” by Strauss
  40. Listen friends, I have something: “Homeland” by Huerter
  41. Say a few words, John: Repeat Theme no. 4
  42. Mama kept: Repeat No. 40 “Homeland”
  43. Phillip enters: Repeat No. 23 “The Jesters”
  44. Election night: “The Wedding Blues” by Friml
  45. Change to Howard headquarters: Repeat No. 35 “A Hot Time”
  46. Fade-back to party: “Sweet Adeline” by Lake

Segue: “Blue Law Blues” by Lake

  1. After guests leave: “By the Fireside” by Helfand
  2. Sophie and boy enter: “When Love Calls” by Huerter
  3. Again a mere whisper: “Misery” by Jacquet
  4. Fade-out—John in auto: “Down On the Farm” by Von Tilzer
  5. That’s my mama: Repeat Theme No. 4

Source: Carl Braun Collection


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