Marked Money

Title: Marked Money

Author: James C. Bradford

Publisher: Thematic Music Cue Sheet, 1928


Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: James C. Bradford

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  1. At Screening: “Overture Italienno” by Zerco
  2. Deck of Ship: “Rhythmic Misterioso” by Damesek
  3. Pickham At Desk: “Valse Minore” by Riesenfeld
  4. If You’re Lawyer Pickham: “Queer Antics” by Zamecnik
  5. They’ve Just Turned It Over: “The Mystic Rover” by Berge
  6. Flash-Back to Lawyer: Repeat No.4 “Queer Antics”
  7. Lawyer In Front of House: “Sarabande Perpetuelle” by Bradford
  8. Captain Playing Chess: CAPTAIN THEME “Characteristic No.1” by Roberts
  9. Insert—Letter: “Little Man” by Ball
  10. Girl and Boy At Door: “Cupid’s Surprise” by Gross
  11. Captain Opens Box: Repeat Captains Theme No.8
  12. Girl Appears: “The Coquette” by Deppen
  13. Cook and Kid: “The Chantyman’s March” by Sousa
  14. Officer Drives Up In Car: “Flocons de Neige” by Bradford
  15. He Embraces Girl: GIRL THEME “Why Do I Care” by Ford
  16. Miss In More Ways Than One: “Jollity” by Zamecnik
  17. Captain Sees Wings: “Chatter” by Kahn
  18. Cook Winding Alarm: “Little Irish Rose” by Zamecnik
  19. Kid Enters Kitchen: “Rondo Capriccio” by Lemare
  20. Lights Out: “Misterioso Dramatico” by Aborn
  21. Girl Sneaking Down Stairs: “The Clown” by Peele
  22. Thugs Attack Girl: “Ferocity” by Carrozzini
  23. What’s All The Rumpus: “Restless Bows” by Srawley
  24. Auto On Road: “Dance of the Furies” by Gluck
  25. Stops At Telegraph Pole: “The Spectre” by Engleman
  26. Almost Four-Thirty: “Hurry No.1” by Ancliffe
  27. Crooks At Barn: “Anxiete” by Srawley
  28. Sailor Grabs Crook: “Storm, Strife or Tempest” by Ancliffe
  29. Plane Takes Off: “The Fall of Pompei” by Leuschuer
  30. Plane Lands Safely: “Colossal” by Floyd (Trio)
  31. Kid Appears in Sailor Suit: Repeat Girl Theme No.15

Source: Carl Braun Collection

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