The Charge of the Gauchos

Title: The Charge of the Gauchos

Author: James C. Bradford

Publisher: Thematic Music Cue Sheet, 1928


Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: James C. Bradford

OCLC Number:


  1. At screening: “Argentine Republic” by Lake
  2. In Buenos Aires: “Mortels Poisons” by Fosse
  3. Soldiers ride away: “Reproach” by Zamecnik
  4. Belgrano: No. 1 from “Three Cuban Dances” by Cervantes
  5. Belgrano plunges dagger in table: “Prologue” by Gabriel Marie
  6. A midnight reception: “Creeping Shadows” by Baron
  7. We must be very careful: LOVE THEME – “Estrellita” by Ponce
  8. The headquarters of the patriots: “Prelude” from L’Arlesienne Suite by Bizet
  9. Flash to ball: “In Old Castile” by Stoessel
  10. Dance finishes: SINISTER THEME – “The Captive” by Savino
  11. Monica and Belgrano in garden: Repeat Love Theme No. 7
  12. Monteros sees them: Repeat Sinister Theme No. 10
  13. The viceroy wants to see you: “Minuetto” from L’Arlesienne Suite by Bizet
  14. The messenger from the king: “Agitato No. 3” by Williams
  15. The people demand: Repeat Sinister Theme No. 10
  16. Meeting of the patriots: Repeat No. 8 “Prelude”
  17. On the eve of: Repeat Love Theme No. 7
  18. The first assembly: “Don Quixote” from Don Quixote Suite by Safranek
  19. Boy jabbering in Yiddishe: “Frailach No. 5” by Ascher
  20. Insert – “Mr. Dorgan and guests”: “Some Smoke” by Romberg
  21. Gangsters leave store: “Mazel Tof” by Asher
  22. Insert – “Dear Rolly”: “Love Triumphant” by Joels
  23. What difference does it make: LOVE THEME – “Your Love is All” by Zamecnik
  24. Rolly enters home: “Serenade” by Harris
  25. Gangsters playing cards: “More Candy” by Kaufman
  26. Flash to store: “Down By the Winegar Woiks” by Donovan
  27. Gentlemen, you’ve made a great error: ”Spring Cleaning” by Bradford
  28. Flash-back to Dorgan and companions: “The Calvary Wiggle” by Brockenshire
  29. Gang leave room: “Fluffy Ruffles” by Green
  30. Saturday afternoon: “Dramatic Allegro” by Savino
  31. Exterior of Rolly’s home: Repeat Love Theme No. 23
  32. Rolly sees orchid and ring on table: “Idyl Pastorale” by Savino
  33. Kitty enters: “Broken Hearted” by Henderson
  34. Forget nothin’: “Distress” by Breil
  35. Hospital: Repeat Love Theme No. 23

Source: Carl Braun Collection


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