The Red Mark

Title: The Red Mark

Author: Rudolph Berliner

Publisher: Thematic Music Cue Sheet, 1928


Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: Rudolph Berliner

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  1. At Screening: “Suite Tragique No.4” by Rosse
  2. A Dumping Ground: “Fate” by Ketelbey
  3. Paroled Prisoners Become: “The Captive” by Savino
  4. Young Man Appears At Window: BIBI THEME “Chanson sans Paroles” by Tschaikowsky
  5. Exterior Scene: ZELIE THEME “Canzonetta” by Godard
  6. Bibi Appears In Street: Repeat Bibi Theme No.4
  7. I’m So Happy: LOVE THEME “Red, Red Rose” by Shauer
  8. Come Tonight and Ask: “Passapied from ‘Trianon’” by Lachaume
  9. Interior—Barber Shop: “Happy Moods” by Marquardt
  10. Back In Prison—Convict In Doorway: “Looms of Fate” by St. Saens
  11. Monsieur De Nou: DE NOU THEME “Weird Misterioso” by Kilenyi
  12. Condemned Convict Appears: “Funeral March” by Beethoven
  13. Flash-Back To Barber Shop: “Melodie” by Rachmaninoff
  14. De Nou Seen: Repeat De Nou Theme No.11
  15. Flash-Back To Barber Shop: Repeat Bibi Theme No.4
  16. De Nou Appears In Street: “Valse Triste” by Sibelius
  17. De Nou: Repeat De Nou Theme No.11
  18. Prisoners Marching: Repeat No.2 “Fate”
  19. The Cottage of: “Ominous Moments” by Kempinski
  20. De Nou Seen Approaching Cottage: Repeat De Nou Theme No.11
  21. De Nou Enters Doorway: “Shadows In The Night” by Borch
  22. Bibi At Flower Stand: Repeat Bibi Theme No.4
  23. Back To De Nou In Cottage: Repeat No.21 “Shadows In the Night”
  24. Zelie Enters Room: Repeat Zelie Theme No.5
  25. Madame Carron, I Have: “Infamy” by Conterno
  26. Bibi Enters: Repeat Bibi Theme No.4
  27. Flowers Bring Misfortune: “The Tragic Discovery” by Patou
  28. Madame Carron Sees Mark On Bibi’s Neck: “Grand Appassionato” by Becce
  29. De Nou Departs: “Lost Happiness” by Patou
  30. Listen Would You: “Ashes of the Past” by Leroux
  31. The Rest and What: “Vision d’Amour” by Byford
  32. Afraid of Your: “Dramatic Reproach” by Berge
  33. She Belongs To Me: Repeat Love Theme No.7
  34. Bibi Departs: “Devotion” by Hand
  35. Shadow of Guillotine: Orchestra Tacet
  36. De Nou Appears: Repeat De Nou Theme No.11
  37. De Nou And Assistant In Room: “Spangles” by Bratton
  38. Zelie Seen In Room: Repeat Zelie Theme No.5
  39. It Does—It Does: Repeat Love Theme No.7
  40. Lamp Is Lowered And Raised: “Angoscisamente” by Gabriel Marie
  41. Door Opens—Bombiste Enters: “Crafty Spy” by Borch
  42. Bombiste Strikes Bibi: “Furioso No.4” by Bergunker
  43. De Nou Looks Through Window: Repeat De Nou Theme No.11
  44. Bibi Tears Card: “Adagio Lametnoso” by Tschaikowsky
  45. Mother Carron Opens Door: “Dramatic Tension” by Axt
  46. Two Nuns Enter Room: “Andante Religioso” by Thome
  47. De Nou Comes To Bibi: “Tragic Moments” by Becce
  48. Prisoners Marching: Repeat No.2 “Fate”
  49. Bibi and Barber In Cell: “Largo Tragico” by Chopin
  50. Zelie and Nuns Appear: Repeat Love Theme No.7
  51. De Nou Beside Guillotine: Repeat De Nou Theme No.11
  52. Back To Bibi and Zelie: “Andante Pathetique No.23” by Borch
  53. Zelie Leaves Bibi: “Desolation” by Patou
  54. Flash—Zelie Going Aboard Boat: Repeat Zelie Theme No.5
  55. Back To Bibi: “Lamento” by Gabriel Marie
  56. Axe Falls: Orchestra Tacet
  57. Man Comes To De Nou: “Othello’s Remorse” by Baron
  58. Boat Seen: “Adagio Pathetique” by Godard

Source: Carl Braun Collection


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