The Music Master

Title: The Music Master

Author: Michael P. Krueger

Publisher: Thematic Music Cue Sheet, 1927


Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: Michael P. Krueger

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  1. At Screening: “Rosamunde Ballet” by Schubert
  2. Time—1900—New York: “The Music Master” by Hegner
  3. Boy Comes In With Sousaphone: “Albumleaf from ‘Lyric Pieces’” by Grieg
  4. Hands Seen On Piano: Piano Play Scale When Played on Screen, then Segue

SEGUE: “Chatter Box” by Silvers

  1. Music Master Opens Door: MUSIC MASTER THEME “Dreams of Love” by Liszt
  2. Ask Him If He Loves Me: Repeat No.3 “Albumleaf”
  3. He Says “Yes”: Repeat Music Master Theme No.5
  4. Two Women Seen Talking: “Unfinished Symphony” by Schubert
  5. Fade-In On Orchestra: “Morning, Noon and Night In Vienna” by Suppe
  6. Fade-Out On Orchestra: “Adagio Cantabile” by Strauss
  7. Never Can I Forget: “Thoughts of Yore” by Frey
  8. Time—That Night—The Banking House of Benjamin Cohen: “Menuetto all’antico” by Karganoff
  9. Bill-Head Seen: “Moon Shadows” by Schroeder
  10. Girl and Boy Seen In Carriage: “Miss Blue Eyes” by Bergh
  11. Elene—My Wife!: “Consolation No.3” by Liszt
  12. Boy Starts To Play Piano: “Minute Waltz” by Chopin (Piano Solo)
  13. Boy Stops Playing Piano: “Clair de Lune” by Thome
  14. Girl Plays Piano: “Fifth Symphony” by Beethoven (Piano Solo)
  15. How Strange! I Never: Orchestra pick up “Fifth Symphony”
  16. Men Enter: “In Despair” by Berge
  17. Beverly Cruger: LOVE THEME “Magic Love” by Bradford
  18. Girl and Boy Leave House: Repeat Music Master Theme No.5
  19. Time—The Next Wednesday—Henry Stanton’s Residence: Repeat Love Theme No.21
  20. Man Enters: “Wings of Joy” by Van Norman
  21. Man Leaves: Repeat Love Theme No.21
  22. Rap on Door: Repeat Music Master Theme No.5
  23. Music Master Is Seen In Reception Room: Repeat Love Theme No.21
  24. Rapping On Door: Repeat Music Master Theme No.5
  25. Girl Sits Down At Piano: “Eleanor” by Deppen
  26. Music Master Recognizes Doll: Repeat Music Master Theme No.5
  27. Girl Sits At Piano: Repeat No.2 “The Music Master”
  28. Change of Scene to Reception Room: “Gavotte” by Raff
  29. Girl Gets Up From Piano: “Legende” by Wieniawski
  30. Girl Returns To Music Room: “Nocturne No.13 from ‘Chopin Suite’”
  31. Girl and Music Master Enter Library: “Karma” by Herbert
  32. Do You Think They Would: “Incid. Symphony No.25” by Kempinski
  33. Change of Scene To Reception Room: “The Golden Gate” by Wellesley
  34. Party Come In To Library: “Melodie” by Friml
  35. Time—A Month Later—Helene’s Boudoir: “My Lady’s Boudoir” by Schertzinger
  36. Fade-In To Pistol Set: “Idilio” by Lack
  37. Time—The Next Day—St. Stephen’s Church: “Bridal Chorus from ‘Lohengrin’” by Wagner
  38. Couple Leave Alter: “Wedding March” by Mendelssohn
  39. Butler Hands Man Telegram: “Dramatic Tension” by Noyes
  40. Change of Scene To Music Master: Repeat Music Master Theme No.5
  41. Change of Scene To Poons and Jenny: Repeat No.3 “Albumleaf”
  42. From One Bride To Another: “Heart to Heart” by Trinkaus
  43. Bell Seen Ringing: Repeat Music Master Theme No.5
  44. You—You Shouldn’t Have Come: “Lament” by Herrmann
  45. Music Master and Daughter Embrace: Repeat Music Master Theme No.5 (Play “FF”)
  46. Music Master Calls Friends: “Spirit of Spring” by Reiser
  47. Close-up of Helene and Andrew: Repeat Love Theme No.21

Source: Carl Braun Collection

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