Glad Rag Doll

Title: Glad Rag Doll

Author: Michael Hoffman

Publisher: Descriptive Filmusic Co., 1929


Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: Michael Hoffman

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  1. At Screening: “Maggiolotta” by Cullota (THEME 1)
  2. Please Send Up: “Fox Trot” by Popular
  3. Red Roses Snatched: “June Charmant” by Godin
  4. Lift The Lead Barry: THEME 1
  5. It’s Beautiful Jimmy: “Song of Romance” by Hoffman (THEME 2)
  6. We’ve Got A Great Idea: “Love Eyes” by Zamecnik
  7. Newspaper Close-Up: THEME 1
  8. Lovers See Each Other: THEME 2
  9. They Separate Lovers: THEME 1
  10. There’s Only One Way: “Loitering Shadows” by Hoffman
  11. We’re Giving A Party: “Charmeuse” by Baron
  12. The Fairchild’s Reception: “Butterflies” by Steinek
  13. Isn’t This Our Dance, John: “Fox Trot” by Popular
  14. End of Dance (Stop with Orchestra): “Fleurette D’Amour” by Fletcher
  15. Orchestra Plays Again: “Jazzy Fox Trot” by Popular
  16. The Party Over: “Spring Day” by Haines
  17. Old Fairchild In Bath-Tub: “Weird Mysterioso” by Kilenyi
  18. But My Dear, I Mean Miss: “Tormentor” by Hoffman (THEME 3)
  19. If She’s A Sonambulist: “Green Vipers” by Hoffman
  20. He Rubs Off Kiss Mark: THEME 3
  21. How Did You Get Out: “Frolics and Youth” by Hoffman
  22. So A Fairchild Entertains Men: THEME 3
  23. Morning Follows Quickly: THEME 2
  24. You Are Not Going to Marry: THEME 3
  25. Fairchilds Seated At Table: THEME 1
  26. Don’t Be Silly: THEME 2
  27. You Forgot To Include Me: Theme 3
  28. Back In the Shadows: “Automne Song” by Haines
  29. We’re Already Packed: “Caprice” by Somerville
  30. Do You Think Uncle Nathan: THEME 3
  31. I’ll Never Marry You: “Wedding Strain”

Source: Carl Braun Collection


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