Title: Tenderloin

Author: Michael Hoffman

Publisher: Tax-Free Filmusic Co., 1928


Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: Michael Hoffman

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Tax-Free Musical Suggestions are listed first; Taxable Musical Suggestions are listed second

  1. At Screening of Title: “Flick and Flock” by Patou; “Infernale” by Meyerbeer
  2. Ziegfeld Girls Dancing: “Fox Trot” J. Morris Publication; Feist Publication
  3. Motorcycle Cops: Repeat Flick and Flock; Repeat Infernale
  4. TENDERLOIN Where: “Solemn Thoughts” by Hoffman; “Withered Flowers” by Kiefert
  5. Rose Shannon: “Song of Romance” by Hoffman; “Tenderness” by Schad THEME
  6. Say Kid, Keep Away: “Agony of Soul” by Becce; “Dramatic Andante” by Herbert
  7. Girls With High Hats: “Song and Dance” Root Publication; Berlin Publication
  8. Hallway & Shadows On Wall: THEME
  9. What’s The Matter Kid: “Catastrophe” by patou; “Distress” by Breil
  10. Day and Night Bank: “Loitering Shadows” by Hoffman; “Plotters” by Carrabotta
  11. Burglar Alarm Rings: “La Floie” by Francheschi; “Furioso No.II” by Kierfert
  12. Sleep Tight Dear: “Idle Dreams” by Finck; “Berceuse” by Jarnfeldt
  13. Vice-Squard, Dear: “The Tormentor” by Hoffman; “Threatening Elements” by Schad
  14. What Happened: “Violent Tempers” by Hoffman; “Rage” by Axt
  15. You Saps, Take Pity: “Ondes Mystereuse” by Francheschi; “Gloomy Forest” by Axt
  16. Newspaper Close-Up: “Enigma” by Borch; “Valse Mysterious” by Belwin
  17. Don’t Be Afraid: THEME
  18. The Dicks, Trailed Them: “Green Vipers” by Hoffman; “Mysterioso” by Smith
  19. She Comes Down Steps (dressed); “Maggiolotta” by Culotta; “Despair” by Berge
  20. Let This Little Book: THEME
  21. This Jane’s Got A Face: “Cherry Ripe” by Cussans; “Norma” by Luz
  22. She Feeds Cows and Chickens: “Chorus of This is the Life
  23. In Row Boat: THEME
  24. Fade-Out of Bench Scene: Mystical ¾
  25. Did You Take That Money: “Vengeance” by Francheschi; “Appassionato” by Rapee
  26. Close-Up of Table: “Fiendish Eyes” by Hoffman; “Gruesome Tales” by Axt
  27. She Doesn’t Know Anything: “Tumult” by Verdi; “The Rabble” by Herbert
  28. Rose Gets Out of Bed: “Freischutz” by Weber; “Prelude” by Halevy
  29. I Can’t Stand Anymore: “The Ravage” by Hoffman; “Defiant Love” by Schad
  30. The Only Thing He Loves: THEME
  31. They Struggle: “L’Abime” by Francheschi; “The Hurricaine” by Egener
  32. Gang At Railroad Station: “Creeping Spooks” by Hoffman; “Conspirators” by Santos
  33. You Kep Outa Chuck’s Way: “Playful Moments” by Hoffman; “Coonela” by Fredericks
  34. See If You Can Duck This: “The Storm” by Beethoven; “Les Preludes” by Liszt
  35. Rose In Hospital: “Solitudine” by Mulae; “Love Tragedy” by Savino
  36. Everybody Who Worked: “Plotting” by Rosey; “Creepy Creeps” by Bordh
  37. I Came To See Chuck: THEME
  38. I’m All Washed Up: “Winds and Waves” by Hoffman; “Appassionato No.2” by Axt
  39. Police Enter By Force: “Avenging Storm” by Hoffman; “Disaster” by Savino
  40. I Double-Crossed Them: “Cuore En Pina” by Gracchino; “Recitative & Soliloquy” by Savino
  41. I’ll Wait For You: THEME
  42. My Life Will Just Commence: CHORD

Source: Carl Braun Collection


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