The Bushranger

Title: The Bushranger

Author: Ernst Luz

Publisher: Thematic Music Cue Sheet, 1928


Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: Ernst Luz

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  1. At screening: “Treachery and Vengeance” by Fletcher
  2. Sussex Manor, England: “Promenade” by Rapee-Axt
  3. After toast drunk: “Symphonic Color Classic No. 2” by Schoenfeld (RED)
  4. Maid comes to take Goldilocks to bed: “Parade of the Toys” by Schertzinger
  5. Child taken out of room: Repeat No. 3 (RED)
  6. May heaven forgive you: “The Tragic Discovery” by Patou
  7. Fade to duel: “Incidental Symphony No. 18-A” by Schertzinger
  8. End of duel: “The Tragic Discovery” by Patou
  9. A year later: Continue No. 8
  10. I’ve a pardon: “Incidental Symphony No. 7” by Kempinski
  11. Poor blighter: “Irvina” by Rolfe
  12. Fate had made an outlaw: “Incidental Symphony No. 18-B” by Schertzinger
  13. I’m going to find: Repeat No. 11 “Irvina”
  14. Murphy, I think I’ll ride out: Repeat No. 12 “Incidental Symphony No. 18-B”
  15. I’ll beat him to it: “Presto Galop” by Rosey
  16. The coach for Ballarat: Repeat No. 10 “Incidental Symphony No. 7”
  17. McCoy dismounts at coach: “Incidental Symphony No. 24” by Kempinski
  18. Coach driven off: Repeat No. 10 “Incidental Symphony No. 7”
  19. Coach stops—soldiers on coach: “Tout a Vous” by Tyers
  20. Dancers stops and applaud: “Caroma” by Pabst
  21. Girl motions how Bushranger looked: “Quelques Fleurs” by Baron
  22. Brother recognizes brother: Repeat No. 3 (RED)
  23. McCoy knocks brother down: “Hurry No. 1” by Ancliffe
  24. A thousand pounds: “Little Fawn” by Rosenbaum
  25. Why Lucy: “Lotus Flower” by McGrath
  26. Fade-out of girls on balcony: “Symphonic Color Classic No. 2” by Schoenfeld (WHITE)
  27. Edward, Edward: “Symphonic Color Classic No. 2” by Schoenfeld (RED)
  28. Sir Edward told me: Repeat no. 27 (WHITE)
  29. Girl on with lovers: Repeat No. 27 (RED)
  30. Fade-out after prisoner is taken away: Repeat No. 26 (WHITE)
  31. Girl comes from prison – exterior: “Rache-Vengeance” by Porret
  32. Prison cell: “Symphonic Color Classic No. 2” by Schoenfeld (DK. BLUE)
  33. McCoy dismounts at Outlaw Camp: “Agitato No. 11” by Lake
  34. Prisoner released: Repeat No. 32 (DK. BLUE)
  35. Soldiers mount horses: Repeat No. 33 “Agitato No. 11”
  36. McCoy thrown out of hut: Repeat No. 32 (DK. BLLUE)
  37. McCoy mounts horse: “Six Furlongs” by Bub
  38. Girl brought back to father: “Afflizione” by Gabriel Marie
  39. After boy dies: “Symphonic Color Classic No. 2” by Schoenfeld (WHITE)

Proper orchestral rest period is Nos. 20 to 29 inclusive.

NOTE: The repetition of numbers in this cue sheet is simplified by the use of the “LUZ” SYMPHONIC COLOR GUIDE, sold by Music Buyers Corporation, 1520 Broadway, New York City. The color suggested for repetition of numbers designates the Mood or Emotion, and is used as a code for such repetitions.

Source: Carl Braun Collection


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