The Dawn of Tomorrow

Title: The Dawn of Tomorrow

Author: James C. Bradford

Publisher: Thematic Music Cue Sheets, 1915


Format: Cue sheet

Document type: Cue sheet

All authors/contributors: James C. Bradford

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  1. At Screening: Chant Erotique by Berge
  2. Apple Blossom Court: Told in Yodels by Van Dyke
  3. The Home of Sir Oliver Holt: Sounds from England by Langey
  4. Twenty Steps From: Melancolie by Granier
  5. Are You Going To Do It?: Marionettes by Byford
  6. “The Dandy”: Prelude by Jarnfelt
  7. Tell the Head Waiter: Spring Blossoms by Hersom
  8. Polly: Memories by Kussner
  9. Arthur Holt: Moonlight Shadows by Baron
  10. Just Look At Us: THEME: Love Song by Wright
  11. The Dandy Makes a Preliminary: Aubade Printaniere by Lacombe
  12. Door to Saloon: Dramatic Allegro by Savino
  13. Woman Placed on Bed: Praeludium by Chopin
  14. Suddenly the Dreary Yesterday: Little Flower Girl by Breil
  15. In Apple Blossom Court: Poupee Valsante by Poldini
  16. Dandy in Doorway: Repeat No. 11, “Aubade Printaniere”
  17. Sir Oliver and Clergyman: Elegie by Lubomirsky
  18. Glad Enters Hallway: Vanity by Jackson
  19. Glad Stops Dancing: Tragic Andante by Savino
  20. Madge My Dear: L’Encore by Herbert
  21. Dandy In Room Playing With Child: Air de Ballet by Massenet
  22. Dandy Grabs Glad by Wrist: Poeme Symphonique by Borch
  23. He’s Coming Back: Chant D’Amour by Frommel
  24. Dark Scene – Crooks at Window of Shop: Mysterioso Furioso by Langey
  25. Dandy and Sir Oliver On Street: Repeat No 11, “Aubade Printaniere”
  26. Flash-Back to Antique Shop: Inspiration by Edwards
  27. Scotland Yard: Allegro Misterioso Notturno by Borch
  28. Glad at Table: Agitato No. 84 by Berge
  29. Dandy Enters Room Through Window: Repeat Theme No. 10
  30. Officer On Roof: Misterioso No. 16 by Langey
  31. Officers Walk Down Stairs: Allegro Agitato by Savino
  32. Glad Enters Holt’s Apartment: Dramatic Andante by Rapee-Axt
  33. Holt Attacks Glad: Repeat No. 12, “Dramatic Allegro”
  34. Sir Oliver Enters Room: Adoration by Borowsky
  35. Fer a Swell: Repeat Theme No. 10

Notes: Cues transcribed by Mariana Whitmer.

Source: Silent Film Collection, Claire Hamack materials, American Music Research Center, University of Colorado at Boulder


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