The Dove

Title: The Dove

Author: Ernst Luz

Publisher: Thematic Music Cue Sheets, 1927


Format: Cue sheet

Document type: Cue sheet

All authors/contributors: Ernst Luz

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  1. At screening: Magic Sunbeams by Drumm

SEGUE: Spanish Love Theme by Marquardt (WHITE)

  1. A palm blessed land: Symphonic Incidentals No. 2 by Marquardt
  2. Woman walks out of store: Facing Death by Becce (BLACK)
  3. Across the desert: La Gitana by Kreisler
  4. People show on screen after moving scenes: Diabolical Allegro by Bergunker (RED)
  5. Very well, let him talk: Eroticon by Mikulicz

SEGUE: Santanna by Bryan

  1. The dance hall is called: Pepita by Motzan
  2. Don Sandoval has: Trumpet Call by Trumpeter
  3. One scene: Matador by Marchisio
  4. Man stops band playing: La Clavel by Kempinski
  5. Enough of this: The Kinkajou by Tierney
  6. Don Sandoval kissing girl: Jurame by Grever
  7. After toast – party drinks: Yearning by Crist
  8. Second time “The Dove” door shows: Rio Rita by Tierney
  9. Lights go out while Don Sandoval is dancing on the table: Charrita by Santos
  10. End of dance – Norma’s back to camera: Fandango by Hosmer
  11. Hot sport: Melida by Elie (LT. GREEN)
  12. I cannot go on: Echo of Spring by Cunningham
  13. Norma Talmadge gets up from chair: Repeat No. 17 (LT. GREEN)


  1. Fade out of commandante with money: Reverie by Drumm
  2. Shadow shows on screen: Diabolical Allegro by Bergunker (RED)
  3. Don Sandoval drinks: Misterioso Fantastico by Becce
  4. Don Sandoval applauds: Repeat No. 44 (RED)
  5. What you want: Descriptive Agitato No. 39 by Boehnlein
  6. You will tell him: Repeat No. 42 (BLACK)
  7. Close up of lover with soldiers after villains hide: Repeat No. 40 (WHITE)
  8. This is good-bye: Symphonic Incidentals No. 6 by Marquardt
  9. Fade-out after title “You betcha my life”: Mysterious March by Borch
  10. Scene showing house: Manzanillo by Robyn
  11. Soldiers ride into house: Melida by Elie (LT. GREEN)
  12. Maybe I like you very much: Misterioso Irresoluto by Langey
  13. Don Sandoval knocks glass of wine out of Norma Talmadge’s hand: Defiant Love by Schad (LT. BLUE)
  14. Don Sandoval stops laughing at Norma Talmadge: Repeat No. 42 (BLACK)
  15. Lover walks to Norma Talmadge: Repeat No. 40 (WHITE)
  16. Servant throws plant from balcony on lover: Furioso No. 89 by Berge
  17. Courtyard scene after lover is captured: Grand Dramatic Scene by May
  18. Norma Talmadge runs to and embraces lover: Reproach by Zamecnik
  19. Norma Talmadge goes from Don Sandoval to lover: Spanish Love Theme by Marquardt (WHITE)
  20. Soldiers raise rifles: Facing Death by Becce (BLACK)
  21. The best damn caballero: Repeat No. 55 (LT. BLUE)
  22. Servant walks on to Don Sandoval and off: Repeat No. 61 (WHITE)


Notes: Incomplete

Source: Silent Film Collection, Claire Hamack materials, American Music Research Center, University of Colorado at Boulder


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