The Head Man

Title: The Head Man

Author: James C. Bradford

Publisher: Thematic Music Cue Sheet, 1928


Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: James C. Bradford

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  1. At Screening: “Tenderness” by Schad
  2. Ed Places Bottle On Desk: ED THEME “Introduce Me” by Kaufman
  3. Carol Enters Office: “Joyous Spirits” by Savino
  4. Bottle On Desk “Working”: “Blue Law Blues” by Lake
  5. Please Daddy: “Daddy, Dear Old Friend” by Fisher
  6. Carol Leaves Office: Repeat Ed Theme No.2
  7. Carol Appears At Newspaper Office: LOVE THEME “Magic Love” by Bradford
  8. Change of Scene: “Maria” by Kaufman
  9. Ed and Watts Appear At Denny’s Side: “Spring Cleaning” by Bradford
  10. Train Pulls Into Station: “A Hot Time” by Beyer
  11. Women at Telephone: “The Scandal-Mongers” by Patou
  12. Ed Appears With Baby Carriage: “Campus-Ditties” by Recker
  13. We’ll Go In: “Rustic Caprice” by St. Clair
  14. Watts Enters Room: Repeat Ed Theme No.2
  15. Go Ahead, Tell Her: “Demande d’Amour” by Drigo
  16. Now, Just Think: “Funny Faces” by Ring-Hager
  17. Can You Beat It: “Gigue” by Bradford
  18. Flash-Back To Intoxicated Blonde: “Ain’t We Got Fun” by Whiting
  19. Did You Put Anything In That Punch?: “Grotesque Comedy” by Zamecnik
  20. This Punch Is Delicious: “I’m Sitting On Top of the World” by Henderson
  21. Flash To Denny and Politicians: “Ev’rything’s Gonna Be All Right” by Akst
  22. Flash-Back To Intoxicated Women: “Hail, Hail, the Gang’s All Here” by Lake
  23. Insert—“Wareham for Mayor”: “Dolly Dimples” by Alter
  24. Billy Joins Carol: “Little Irish Rose” by Zamecnik
  25. Politicians Talking: “I’m Walking Around In Circles” by Phillips
  26. Denny Stops Orchestra: “Warriors Bold” by Joels
  27. This Is An Opportune Time: “Chatter” by Kahn
  28. Get Your Partners For the Grand March: “The Minnesota March” by Sousa
  29. Guests Appear At Banquet Room Door: Repeat No.9 “Spring Cleaning”
  30. Cheer Up Carol: Repeat Love Theme No.7
  31. A Conference After The Ball: “Pensees Grises” by Fosse
  32. The Next Afternoon: Repeat No.5 “Daddy, Dear Old Daddy”
  33. Carol Picks Up Billy’s Photograph: Repeat Love Theme No.7
  34. Ed and Watts Meet On Street: Repeat No.12 “Campus Ditties”
  35. Billy Appears At House: “Appassionato Lirico” by Berge
  36. That’s The Train: “Two In A Bar” by Copping
  37. Carol Leaves Room: “Chant d’Amour” by Frommel
  38. The Power of the Press: “Reel News” by Kaufman
  39. Carol and Father: Repeat No.5 “Daddy, Dear Old Daddy”
  40. Watts Appears On Street: “I Just Roll Along” by De Rose
  41. How Dare You Print: Repeat No.17 “Gigue”
  42. Watts Making Speech: Repeat No.10 “A Hot Time”
  43. Tired—Hopeful: Repeat No.40 “I Just Roll Along”
  44. Watts Picks Up Note From Table: “Pangs of Love” by Carrozzini
  45. Watts Enters Hall: “Piangere” by Gabriel Marie
  46. Insert—Newspaper—“Morning Mail”: “Nuit d’Amour” by Delmas
  47. Daddy Dear: Repeat No.5 “Daddy, Dear Old Daddy”
  48. Hooray!: Repeat Ed Theme No.2
  49. I’m Going To Run This Town: Repeat Love Theme No.7

Source: Carl Braun Collection

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