The Latest from Paris

Title: The Latest from Paris

Author: Ernst Luz

Publisher: Thematic Music Cue Sheets, 1928


Format: Cue sheet

Document type: Cue sheet

All authors/contributors: Ernst Luz

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  1. At screening: Adoree by Friml (WHITE)
  2. Sign—“Blogg and Littauer”: Viennese by Komzak
  3. He should be designing: Confidence by Waldteufel
  4. Gee, now I’m glad: Stardust by Power
  5. I’ve decided: Mountain Trails by Schoenfeld
  6. Sign—“Blogg and Littauer”: Adoree by Friml (WHITE) Chorus

SEGUE: Caressing Butterfly by Barthelemy

  1. Well, I’m going to Roxboro: Love’s Wilfulness by Barthelemy
  2. Robertson, I’m taking this liberty: Breath of Morn by Kempinski
  3. Auto on screen at store front: Adoree by Friml (WHITE)
  4. The travelling man: Love and Laughter by Cobb
  5. Salesman leaves hotel desk after key action: Bowl of Pansies by Reynard
  6. Norma Shearer telephoning: In Merry Mood by Axt
  7. Thanks for the order: Blue Bells by Zamecnik
  8. Water poured on house detective: Little Fawn by Rosenbaum
  9. Saleman sees girl in other train: Adoree by Friml (WHITE)

SEGUE: A Garden Dance by Vargas

  1. Wreck: Agitato No. 1 by Armandola
  2. Close-up of salesman and Shearer: Adoree by Friml (WHITE)
  3. Child at door of car platform: Piquant Waltz by Lehar
  4. If he ever loses a finger: Adoree by Friml (WHITE)
  5. Deaf and dumb couple leave platform: Storm Galop by Komzak (LT BLUE)
  6. Sign—Summerville Hotel: Sparklets by Miles
  7. What’s merry about it: Rang-Tang by Dabney
  8. Boy puts down telephone: Sacred Night, Holy Night by Borch
  9. Exterior scene: Iris by Reynard
  10. Girl pulls down window shade: Storm Galop by Komzak (LT BLUE)
  11. Lovers meet in hotel lobby: Adoree by Friml (WHITE)
  12. Boy takes off overcoat: Sacred Night, Holy Night by Borch
  13. Lovers walk out of hotel lobby: Adoree by Friml (WHITE)
  14. Joe dear, I’m afraid: Andante Appassionato by Soro
  15. Norma Shearer goes upstairs in hotel—Lover enters hotel lobby: Incid. Symphony No. 11 by Hauenschild
  16. Norma pulls down window shade: Love’s Melody by Daniderff
  17. Norma Shearer shows on screen: Incid. Symphony No. 11 by Hauenschild
  18. Brother kisses Norma Shearer: Night Song by Stults
  19. With you: Storm Galop by Komzak (LT BLUE)
  20. Norma Shearer hangs up telephone: A Spring Day by Haines
  21. Fade after title: “Always It’s Cheaper”: Gerbe de Roses by Franceschi
  22. Father, Joe and I are going to be married: Little Trifler by Barnard
  23. Hotel register on screen: Golden Sand by Finck
  24. Bedroom scene after men shake hands: Viennese by Komzak
  25. Two men leave girl’s bedroom: Adoree by Friml (WHITE)
  26. Lover leaves girl’s bedroom: Loves Glamour by Varley
  27. Two partners leave bedroom: Springtime of Life by Marquardt
  28. Take a tip: Trembling Agitato by Kilenyi
  29. Sleigh drives off: By-Gone Days by Pintel
  30. I always said: Adoree by Friml (WHITE)


Source: Silent Film Collection, Claire Hamack materials, American Music Research Center, University of Colorado at Boulder


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