The Rush Hour

Title: The Rush Hour

Author: Rudolph Berliner

Publisher: Thematic Music Cue Sheets, 1928


Format: Cue sheet

Document type: Cue sheet

All authors/contributors: Rudolph Berliner

OCLC Number:


  1. At screening: Rush Hours by Sanders
  2. An early morning scene: Oh How I Hate to Get Up in the Morning
  3. Hurry Margie: Step Lively by Roberts
  4. The morning rush hour: Step With Pep by Kaufman
  5. There goes my lunch: Pop Goes the Weasel
  6. Now I’ll have to: Never Mind by Breau
  7. It was one of: Jolly Trotters by Gillet
  8. Newlyweds and still: I’m Glad I’m Married by Von Tilzer
  9. Margie and girl alone: Desire by Siewert
  10. The evening rush hour: THEME: Idolizing by West
  11. Margie stands up: Loves Chatter by Mendoza
  12. Early the next morning: Ocean Breezes by Herbert
  13. All sharks and suckers: The Water Bug by Miles
  14. Margie seen in linen room: Ripping Waves by Hall
  15. Dunrock enters stateroom: Whispers by Dean
  16. Margie at washstand: Mal de Mer by Lange
  17. Margie jumps into basket: Snare drum solo

SEGUE: Cat and Mice by Leonard

  1. So with Margie as: In Merry Mood by Axt
  2. Margie opens candy-box: Why Do I Always Remember by Gunsky
  3. After Margie leaves bill: It’s a Million to One You’re in Love by Davis
  4. Margie in wireless room: THEME: Idolizing by West
  5. Within an hour: Follow the Swallow by Henderson
  6. The coast line of: On the Riviera by Baron
  7. Margie climbs aboard boat: Merry Playmates by Howgill
  8. By the time Dan: Follow the Swallow by Henderson
  9. The rush hour: Gaily Thro’ Life by Schad
  10. If you like it: Why Do I Always Remember by Gunsky
  11. After Margie leaves room: Fairy Tales by Komzak
  12. Dunrock enters Margie’s room: The Interrupted Rendezvous by Goublier
  13. Dan and officer seen: Follow the Swallow by Henderson
  14. The Bohemia Café: Café Chantant by Fletcher
  15. Fat woman stops dancing: The Camel Walk by Smith
  16. Margie and others seated at table: A Game of Tag by Trinkaus
  17. Frog appears in dish: Pollywog’s Frolic by Rapee-Axt
  18. That hilarious hour: Ain’t We Carryin’ On by Frisch
  19. Margie slaps Dunrock: Stop It by Kaufman
  20. Thanks for the: Betrayed by Verdi
  21. Dan and officer appear: Follow the Swallow by Henderson
  22. Motor car stops in forest: Comedy Excitement by Zamecnik
  23. When you have: Funeral March of a Marionet by Gounod

SEGUE: Good-Bye by Tosti

  1. Margie sees Dan: Follow the Swallow by Henderson
  2. Bill leaves Margie an Dan: THEME: Idolizing by West


Source: Silent Film Collection, Adele Sullivan materials, American Music Research Center, University of Colorado at Boulder