The White Sister

Title: The White Sister

Author: Ernst Luz

Publisher: Thematic Music Cue Sheet, 1923


Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: Ernst Luz

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  1. At Screening: “Six Strokes on Chimes, then At Twilight” by Golden
  2. Italy: “Incid. Symphony No.15” by Thomas
  3. Palace Interior Scene: “Adagio Pathetique” by Godard
  4. End of Man’s Prayer: “Repeat No.2 “Incid. Symphony No.15”
  5. Two Ladies Come Down Palace Stairs: “At Twilight” by Golden
  6. Lovers Disturbed When Man Slams Door: “Angel’s Serenade” by Braga
  7. Riding To Hounds: “Allegro Vivace No.1” by Langey
  8. Angela Mysteriously Lead: “Cirbirbin” by Pestalozza
  9. End of Dance—Musicians Stop Playing: “Margarita from ‘From Italy’” by Langey
  10. End of Boy’s Song: Repeat No.7 “Allegro Vivace No.1”
  11. Fade-Back To Lovers In Garden: “O Sole Mio!” by de Curtis (Accordeon-Organ)
  12. Lovers With Backs To Camera At Lake: “Allegro Vivace No.1” by Langey
  13. Stop Abrupt At Accident: “Adagio Pathetique” by Godard
  14. Woman In Riding Habit Closes Portieres Back Screen: “Dram. Andante No.32” by Berge
  15. Woman In Riding Clothes Burns Paper: “Novelette” by Glazounow
  16. What Does He Mean; “Pensees d’Amour” by Bucalossi
  17. In A Section of The City: “Bridal Paths” by Langford
  18. After Man’s Hand Knocks On Door: “At Twilight” by Golden
  19. Play Once and Segue: “O Sole Mio!” by de Curtis
  20. Dawn and Each Precious Moment: “Dram. Andante No.32” by Berge
  21. Carriage Turns Around In Street: Repeat No.18 “At Twilight”
  22. Carriage Stops—Woman Gets Out: “Incid. Symphony No.15” by Thomas
  23. Professor Sereri: “In Flowerland” by Golden
  24. Peacefully Sleeping: “Italians in Algeria” by Rossini
  25. And Angela Ever Dreaming: Repeat No.23 “In Flowerland”
  26. After Boy Is Spanked: “O Sole Mio!” by de Curtis (Wire Strings)
  27. Lillian Gish Leaves Window: “Repentance” by Kempinski
  28. Stop Short As Lillian Gish Faints: Dead Silence
  29. The Hospital of: “Scented Violets” by Reynard
  30. Meanwhile The Tremendous Task: “Incid. Symphony No.15” by Thomas
  31. Lillian Gish Sits Up In Bed: “At Twilight” by Golden
  32. The Flood of Tears: “A Cloister Episode” by Baron
  33. Two Years of Diligent Search; “Danse Oriental” by Lubomirsky
  34. Meanwhile Angela Served: “The Immortal Choir” by Lotter
  35. Fade-Out of Lillian Gish at Window: “Rest” by Borch
  36. Before Taking Her Final Vows: Repeat No.34 “Immortal Choir”
  37. Fade-Out of Long Shot of Convent Gardens: Repeat No.35 “Rest”
  38. While Giovanni Struggled For: Repeat No.34 “Immortal Choir”
  39. At The End of the Desert Trail: Repeat No.35 “Rest”
  40. Clothed in Bridal: “The Immortal Choir” by Lotter
  41. Ship Deck Scene: “Incid. Symphony No.15” by Thomas
  42. Wedding Bells: Church Bells by Organ or Drummer
  43. One Scene: “Ave Maria” by Gounod
  44. Play Once and Segue: “Adagio Pathetique” by Godard
  45. Battleship On Screen Second Time: “Dramatic Andante No.32” by Berge
  46. Mother I Came: Play “Serenade Eternal” by Schroeder
  47. Carriage Seen On Screen: Repeat No.45 “Dram. Andante No.32”
  48. Interior Scenes After Carriage Drives Off: Repeat No.46 “Serenade Eternal”
  49. Lillian Gish On Screen Recognized By Severi: “At Twilight” by Golden
  50. Interrupt With Tympany Roll At Kiss: Tympany Roll
  51. Lillian Gish In Hall—Enters Room: “Pathetique Suite” by Luz
  52. Following A Lull: Repeat No.41 “Incid. Symphony No.15”
  53. Captain Severi Locks Door: “A Gruesome Tale” by Zamecnik
  54. Do You Think It Costs Me Nothing: Repeat No.45 “Dram. Andante No.32”
  55. I Came Only To Warn You: “Incid. Symphony No.8” by Kempinski
  56. Priest Seen In Street Scene: “Andante Religioso” by Goltermann
  57. Lillian Gish Leaving Observatory Makes Sign of the Cross: “A.B.C. Dram. Set No. 9-A1” by Luz
  58. Stop As Carriage Falls Over Bank: “A.B.C. Dram. Set No. 9-C3” by Luz
  59. Lillian Gish and Priest Seen On Screen: “Finale from ‘Symphony in F Minor” by Tschaikowsky
  60. Close-Up of Lillian Gish Kneeling At Alter: Repeat No.58 “A.B.C. Dram. Set No. 9-C3”
  61. Lillian Gish Rests Her Sister’s Head In Her Lap: “Incid. Symphony No.3” by Kempinski
  62. Captan Severi Lying In Water: “Adagio Pathetique” by Godard
  63. Dawn Found Vesuvius: “Reve Angelique” by Rubenstein

Source: Carl Braun Collection

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