The Wind

Title: The Wind

Author: Ernst Luz

Publisher: Thematic Music Cue Sheet, 1928


Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: Ernst Luz

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  1. At Screening: “A.B.C. Dram. Set No.20-A1” (Old) by Luz
  2. Play Once and Segue: “Incid. Miniatures No.8” by Hauenschild
  3. This Is the Story; “Comedy Excitement” by Zamecnik
  4. Man Getting Glass of Water: Continue No.3 with wind effect
  5. Man Close Car Window: “Miss Mischief” by Kempinski
  6. Girl Has Apple: Repeat No.1 “A.B.C. Dram. Set No.20-A1”
  7. Injuns Call This: “The Spectre” by Engleman (wind effect)
  8. Conductor Comes Into Car: “Symphonic Incidentals No.2” by Marquardt (Wind-Shot)
  9. Stop With Shot After Title “We’ll Shoot”: Repeat No.3 “Comedy Excitement”
  10. Fade-Out After Title “I Seen That Galoot Before”: “Galloping Furies” by Rapee (Wind)
  11. After Endless Miles: “Breath of the Morn” by Kempinski
  12. I’d Have Sent For You Sooner: “Incid. Miniatures No.8” by Hauenschild
  13. Two Men Enter House: “A.B.C. Dram. Set No.20-C3” (Old) by Luz
  14. Man Makes Bad Face At Bad Taste In Mouth: Repeat No.1 or tacet (Wind)
  15. After One Window Scene: “A.B.C. Dram. Set No.20-B2”” (Old) by Luz
  16. Lillian Gish About To Drink: Repeat No.1 or Tacet (Wind)
  17. Fade-Out to Exterior: “Dance of the Sylphes” by Marquardt
  18. Children Sit On Lillian Gish’s Lap: “Lonely Hours” by Kempinski
  19. Fade-Out of Woman With Knife: “Bits of Old Time Hits Nos. 1 and 2” by Reeg
  20. End of Dance—Lillian Gish Sits Down: “Poppy Love Theme” by Luz
  21. Orchestra Plays: “Over The Waves” by Rosas
  22. Stop With Shot: Repeat No.20 “Poppy Love Theme”
  23. Lillian Gish Sees Herself In Mirror: “Symphonic Incidentals No.2” by Marquardt
  24. Bell Falls Through Roof: Repeat No.20 “Poppy Love Theme”
  25. Lige Runs Down Stairs To Women In Cellar: “Artist’s Life” by Strauss
  26. Wife Kisses Husband: “The Butterflies Wedding” by Marcelle
  27. Lillian Gish Begins To Laugh After Throwing Ring: “Pomone” by Waldteufel
  28. And For A Moment I Thought: “Lonely Hours” by Kempinski
  29. Wife Throws Lillian Gish From Husband: “A.B.C. Dram. Set No.20-A1” (Old) by Luz
  30. After Exterior Wind Scene: “Symphonic Incidentals No.6” by Marquardt
  31. Letty Walks Out of Room—Man Walks To Window: “The Spectre” by Engleman
  32. Fade-Out of Man At Window: Repeat No.28 “Lonely Hours”
  33. Fade-Out After Title “Two Men Want To Marry You”: “Norma Waltzes” by Luz
  34. Man Rides Away From Door On Horseback; “Incid Miniatures No.8” by Hauenschild
  35. Play Once Through and Segue: “You and I” by Lotter
  36. Lemme Get You Some More: “Mystic Romance” by Srawley
  37. Feet On Floor Stop Walking Where Cup Lies: “Defiant Love” by Schad
  38. Lillian Gish Stops Resenting Kiss: Repeat No.34 “Incid. Miniatures No.8”
  39. Husband Leaves Room; Repeat No.29 “A.B.C. Dram. Set No.20-A1”
  40. After One Wind Scene: “A.B.C. Dram. Set No.20-C3” (Old) by Luz
  41. Husband Enters House: “Incid Miniatures No.8” by Hauenschild
  42. Take Me With you Lige; Repeat No.29 “A.B.C. Dram. Set No.20-A1”
  43. Play Twice and Segue—Fade-Out As Husband and Wife Ride Off: “Galloping Furies” by Rapee
  44. Fade-Out As Horse Jumps On Hind Legs: “Joe Bowers” (Voice Alone)
  45. Man Walks To Window: “A.B.C. Dram. Set No.20-B2” (Old) by Luz
  46. Someone’s Hurt: “A.B.C. Dram. Set No.20-A1” (Old) by Luz
  47. Body Carried Into Room; Repeat No.45 “A.B.C. Dram. Set No.20-B2” (
  48. Infured Man Puts Hand Over Face: “The Spectre” by Engleman
  49. Man Looking Through Stereopticon: “Spring Fancies” by Marquardt
  50. Weren’t You Afraid?: Repeat No.48 “The Spectre”
  51. Woman Lights Light: Repeat No.46 “A.B.C. Dram. Set No.20-A1”
  52. Husband Enters Room: “A.B.C. Dram. Set No.20-B2” (Old) by Luz
  53. Stop With Wind Effect As Door Opens: Repeat No.46 “A.B.C. Dram. Set No.20-A1”
  54. Fade-Out of Girl At Door: “Galloping Furies” by Rapee
  55. Lillian Gish Seen In Room; “Fugitive” by Maiorana (Odd wind)
  56. Lillian Gish Puts Out Light—Room Moves: Repeat No.50 “The Spectre”
  57. Man Enters Room: Repeat No.46 “A.B.C. Dram. Set No.20-A1”
  58. Fade-Out of White Horse as Lillian Gish Is Seen Lying In Bed: “Symphonic Incidentals No.6” by Marquardt
  59. I Hope He Will: “Defiant Love” by Schad
  60. Stop Short of Shot: Repeat No.52 “A.B.C. Dram. Set No.20-B2”
  61. Lillian Gish Goes Out Through Door: Repeat No.46 “A.B.C. Dram. Set No.20-A1”
  62. Lillian Gish Re-enters House: “The Spectre” by Engleman
  63. Man’s Face Seen In Sand: “A.B.C. Dram. Set No.20-A1” by Luz
  64. Lige I’ve Killed: Repeat No.62 “The Spectre”
  65. Lige Walks From Door: “Incid. Miniatures No.8” by Hauenschild
  66. Lovers Kiss: “Comedy Excitement” by Zamecnik

Proper orchestral rest period is Nos. 28 to 40 inclusive.

Source: Carl Braun Collection


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