Three Ring Marriage

Title: Three Ring Marriage

Author: James C. Bradford

Publisher: Thematic Music Cue Sheet, 1928


Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: James C. Bradford

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  1. At Screening: “Jingles” by Zamecnik
  2. Cal Shoots At Rope: “Polly” by Zamecnik
  3. It’s A Mighty Tempting Offer: LOVE THEME “Rain or Shine” by Ager
  4. George Barrington: “Chatter” by Kahn
  5. I Guess You’re Right: “So Long Mary” by Cohan
  6. A Tinseled World: “Flocons de Neige” by Bradford
  7. Flash To Midgets and Tall Freak; “Animal Cartoonix No.2” by Aborn
  8. Circus Grounds—Spectators Gathering: “Pandora” by St. Clair
  9. Tiger Riding Horse: “Infernal Galop” by Michiels
  10. Mazie: MAIZIE THEME “Fascinatin’ Vamp” by Nussbaum
  11. Another Day: “Roxy and His Gang” by Krueger
  12. On Board A Circus Pullman; “Brise du Soir” by Gillet
  13. Cal Turns and Recognizes Mary: Repeat LOVE THEME
  14. Maizie Pokes Her Head From Tent: Repeat MAIZIE THEME
  15. She Don’t Mean Nothing: “Nymphs Frolic” by Bradford
  16. Insert—“Bill Board”: “The Live Wire” by Frey
  17. Card Game Outside Tent: “Poupee Valsante” by Poldini
  18. Arena: “Colossal” by Floyd
  19. Mary and Cal: “Cheatin’ On Me” by Pollack
  20. Cal Leaves Mary—Morton Hands Her Box of Flowers: “Dolly Dimples” by Alter
  21. I See Someone Else Didn’t Forget: “Implorations” by Pasternack
  22. The Impulsive Jealous Quarrel: “Smile” by Heywood
  23. Mary, I’m Honestly: “L’Heure de L’Apertit” by Coventry
  24. I Know You Can Forget: “Homeland” by Huerter
  25. Mary In Room Packing Satchel: “Dramatic Andante No.2” by Axt
  26. Girl Friend Enters Room: “Elopement” by Carrozzini
  27. Cal Enters Morton’s Office: “Reproach” by Zamecnik
  28. Flash-Back To Girls Writing Letter: “Intermezzo” by Arensky
  29. Pack My Grips: “The Plot Thickens” by Srawley
  30. Mary Enters Hotel Room: “Animated Agitato” by Levy
  31. Morton Enters Room: “Agitato Pathetic” by Kilenyi
  32. Cal Enters Room: “Camorra” by Joels
  33. You’re All Fired: Repeat LOVE THEME

Source: Carl Braun Collection

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