Title: Tracked

Author: James C. Bradford

Publisher: Cameo Music Co., 1927


Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: James C. Bradford

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THEME “Rosemary” by Zamecnik

  1. At Screening: “Scene Pastorale” by Tours
  2. The Shepherd’s Half-Breed Mate: THEME
  3. Dog Caught In Trap: “Ferocity” by Carrazzonni
  4. Ranger Alone With Mate: “Sadness” by Engleman
  5. It Was Lem Hardy’s Own Dog: “Le Seigneur de Kermoor” by Gabriel Marie
  6. Dogs Start Fighting: “Sous La Haine” by Fosse
  7. Jed Strokes “Ranger’s” Head: THEME
  8. Nathan Barfield: “The Village Cut-Up” by Egener
  9. Jed handed Gun: THEME
  10. I’ll Take Him Away: “Sombre Colere” by Fosse
  11. It Was A Big Bay: “Kutztown Reel” by Nearing
  12. Hick With Bottle: “A Prohibition Episode” by Aborn
  13. To Protect His Flock: “Rural Flirts” by Bradford
  14. Horses Run Away: “Dance of the Furies” by Gluck
  15. Team Stops: “Around the Sundial” by Castillo
  16. Eating Lunch: “Love In Arcady” by Fletcher
  17. Hick Sleeping On Wagon: THEME
  18. Hick Awakens: “Characteristic No.2” by Roberts
  19. Drive Away: “Flocons de Neige” by Bradford
  20. Lem Speaks To Her: “March Mignonne” by Poldini
  21. Lem Grabs Her Arm: “Trubulence” by Borch
  22. Jed At Camp Fire: THEME
  23. Tracked: “Impression Dramatic” by Bradford
  24. Molly Fishing: “Waterfall” by Zamecnik
  25. Men Appear On Road: “Magic Falls” by Zamecnik
  26. Molly and Jed Leave Shore: “Anxiete” by Srawley
  27. Why Did You Come Here?: THEME
  28. I’ll Come Back: “Vehement Desire” by Bradford
  29. Molly Sees Black Dog Attacking Sheep: “Galloping Furies” by Rapee
  30. Jed Appears In Front of “Ranger”: “Longing” by Wood
  31. Shot Is Fired: “Rosemary” by Zamecnik

Source: Carl Braun Collection

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