Turn Back The Hours

Title: Turn Back The Hours

Author: Joseph E. Zivelli

Publisher: Gotham Production, 1928

Series: A Zivelli Cue Sheet

Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: Joseph E. Zivelli

OCLC Number:


COWARDICE THEME “Terreur” by Maurice Baron

TIZA THEME: “Ripples” by Fox

KEARNEY THEME: “Miserioso Dramatic No.22” by Borch

GANG THEME: “Dramatic Agitato No.38” by Minot

  1. At Screening: “Song of the Clocks” by Collinge
  2. Bugler: Bugle Calls
  3. After Second Close-Up Bugler: COWARDICE THEME
  4. Fade to Street Corner: “Bygone Days” by Carr
  5. Las Cruces Island: “Famabella” by Grimm
  6. El Diable: GANG THEME
  7. Musicians Seen: “La Spanola” by Rosey
  8. If There Was A Law: KEARNEY THEME
  9. Liney Stokes: “Eccentric Comedy Character” by Belwin
  10. Loot Being Divided: GANG THEME
  11. Muck and Mire: TIZA THEME
  12. Tiza Sees Man In Water: “Serenade” by Chaminade
  13. Gang: GANG THEME
  14. At The Hacienda: “El Castillo” by Ascher
  15. Tiza Stops Dancing—Sees Phillip: TIZA THEME
  16. But I’m Beginning: “I’m Falling In Love With Someone” by Herbert
  17. It’s What We Call: COWARDICE THEME
  18. Tiza Returns With Shaving Outfit: TIZA THEME
  19. Senor Torren—Once: “By The Garden Gate” by Nathan
  20. That’s Ace Kearney: KEARNEY THEME
  21. I’m Through Being Polite: “Dram. Recitativo No.2” by Levy
  22. Why Don’t You Do Something; COWARDICE THEME
  23. Get Out of Here: “Anguish” by Bierman
  24. Tiza Reads Note: “Broken Dreams” by Fox
  25. Fadeout Tiza: “Estudiantina” by Ascher
  26. Liney “Thrown Out”: “Burlesco Pomposo” by Lowitz
  27. Kearney On Scene: KEARNEY THEME
  28. Why Don’t You: “Dram Recitative No.1” by Levy
  29. Someday: “Animal Cartoonix No.1” by Aborn
  30. Tiza Brought In—Captive: GANG THEME
  32. Philip Wins: “Love’s Festival” by Axt
  33. Run, Get Out of Here: “The Meeting” by Bierman
  34. Hours of Cruel Torture: “The Torture Chamber” by Rapee-Axt
  35. We Won’t Wait: GANG THEME
  36. Philip Escapes: “Hurry No.23” by Norton
  37. Tiza, Father, and gansters: “The Captive” by Savino
  38. Kearney Enters: KEARNEY THEME
  39. Philip Strikes Kearney: “Sinister Suspense” by Kempinski
  40. Gun Batte: “The Challenge” by Bierman
  41. Commander Stares At Phillip: COWARDICE THEME
  42. Philip Drake, You’re A Brave Man: “Cupid’s Conquest” by Kahn

Source: Carl Braun Collection

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