Walking Back

Title: Walking Back

Author: Rudolph Berliner

Publisher: Thematic Music Cue Sheet, 1928


Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: Rudolph Berliner

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  1. At Screening: “The Jazz Dance” by Overstreet
  2. Cosmic Jazz—The Universe: “Runnin’ Wild” by Gibbs
  3. Sons and Daughters of the: “A Joy Ride” by Biermann
  4. After Motor Car Runs Into Tree: “Ain’t That Too Bad” by Endor
  5. Viscious or Just Wild: “Happy Go Lucky” by Kaufman
  6. Insert—Sign “PTOMAINE CHARLIE’S”: “He Knows His Groceries” by Breau
  7. Cop: “In A Hurry” by Friml
  8. When “Smoke” Thatcher: “Spirit of Youth” by Dahlquist
  9. Girl Lying In Bed: “Hard-To-Get Gertie” by Ager
  10. Back To Smoke: “Whims” by Savino
  11. Neither Did Judas: “Appassionato No.3” by Axt
  12. Exterior—Motor Car Seen: “Promenade” by Rapee-Axt
  13. Interior—Young People Seen: “Ain’t We Carrying On” by Frisch
  14. Flash—Woman Singer And Jazz Band: “Hello Cutie” by Friend
  15. “Smoke” and Patsy Alone: “Had I But Known” by Axt
  16. You’re Not Taking Her: “You Don’t Like It—Not Much” by Miller

SEGUE: “Melodic Agitato” by Savino

  1. I’ll Play That Game: “Zip” by Frey
  2. After Car Turns Over: “You Gotta Know How” by Donaldson
  3. “Smoke” and Patsy In Car—Stop At Curb: “I’m All Broken Up Over You” by Murphy
  4. Never Mind Baby: “For A Girl Like You” by Rice
  5. Insert—Sign—Schwartz Garage: “A Curious Story” by Frommel
  6. Car Enters Garage: “Mysterious Stranger” by Kay
  7. Three Strangers Join “Smoke” and Patsy: “A Mysterious Event” by Zamecnik
  8. Y’Know I’ve Taken A: “Tender Heart” by Baga
  9. After Fade—Car Stops On Road: “Uneasiness” by Mendelssohn
  10. Interior—Edgar Thatcher At Desk: “Creeping Shadows” by Baron
  11. “Smoke” Driving Car Through Streets: “Fugitive” by Maiorana
  12. Car Stops At Police Station: “Hasty Moments” by Savino
  13. In The Thatcher Home: “The Accuser” by Kay
  14. Son, Did I Understand: Repeat No.8 “Spirit of Youth”

Source: Carl Braun Collection

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