We Americans

Title: We Americans

Author: James C. Bradford

Publisher: Thematic Music Cue Sheet, 1928

Series: Greater Thematic Music Cue Sheet

Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: James C. Bradford

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HEBREW COMEDY THEME: “Hebraisches Lied” by Sanders

TEMPER THEME: “Chatterbox” by Sanders

BETH THEME: “Amorous Adventure” by Bradford

LOVE THEME: “Magic Love” by Bradford

WE AMERICANS THEME: “Hail America” by Drumm

MOTHER THEME: “Little Mother” by Rapee

  1. At Screening: “American Festival March” by Riesenfeld
  2. Fade-In Picture: “National Emblem March” by Bagley
  3. Water Front of New York; “The Streets of New York from ‘The Red Mill’” by Herbert
  4. Levine Pressing Pants: HEBREW COMEDY THEME
  5. Dial of Watch; “Sidewalks of New York from ‘Old Timers’” by Lake
  6. Italian and German Talking: “Flocons de Neige” by Bradford
  7. Levine Appears: HEBREW COMEDY THEME
  8. Schmidt And Wife Talking: “Spring Cleaning” by Bradford
  9. Levine Preparing Meal: “My Yiddshe Momme” by Pollack
  10. Levine Sees Cake; TEMPER THEME
  11. I’m So Tired: “Hebrew Melody’ by Achorn
  12. Beth in Studio: BETH THEME
  13. Auto Driving Along Street: “La Fete du Hameau” by Gillet
  14. Beth Stops In Crossing Street: BETH THEME
  15. Levine Sleeping: “Berceuse Comique” by Kilenyi
  16. I Finished A Dandy Sketch: “Histoire de Blondinette” by Gillet
  17. Boy Enters: “Down By The Winegar Woiks” by Donovan
  18. Beth Appears In Evening Gown: BETH THEME
  19. Levine Loses Temper Again: TEMPER THEME
  20. Now Give A Lesson, Young Lady; “Reproach’ by Zamecnik
  21. Tell Them Why: “Tender Appeal” by Byford
  22. Beth Packing Satchel: “The Swan” by St. Saens
  23. Studio Party: “Jingles” by Zamecnik
  24. Hugh Sees Beth On Balcony: “Dream Shadows” by Spitalny
  25. Music Starts To Play; LOVE THEME
  26. Schmidt and Friends Arguing: “Fanchonette” by Klemm
  27. Philip Enters: “Dear Little Boy of Mine” by Ball
  28. Hello Cutie: “Hello Cutie” by Friend
  29. Do We Play Da Cards: “Gigue” by Bradford
  30. Pete At Door: “Mandolinata” by Paladilhe
  31. Korn Enters Room: “La Fete des Moissons” by Roses
  32. Beth Don’t Stay Here Any More: BETH THEME
  33. What Do You Want Us To Do?: “Serenade d’Extase” by Fletcher
  34. Korn Opens Book: WE AMERICANS THEME
  35. School Room: “Babes In Toyland” by Herbert
  36. My Ambition Is To Become A Good Citizen: WE AMERICANS THEME
  37. My Ambition Is To Lose Twenty Pounds: “Hi-le, Hi-lo” by Kaine
  38. Mrs Levine Rises: MOTHER THEME
  39. Old Gentleman Rises From Seat; “The Great Adventure” by Tours
  40. Excitement On Street: “Sarabande Perpetuelle” by Bradford
  41. Insert—“War Declared”: “Nocturne” by Chopin
  42. Schmidt Close-Up: “Die Wacht am Rhein from ‘Songs of Germany No.1’” by Margis-Berger
  43. Remember, Schmidt, What You Said: “Wohlauf Kameraden from “Songs of Germany No.2” by Margis-Berger
  44. Insert—“U.S. ETC”: “Daughters of the Revolution” by Lampe (Trio)
  45. Hugh Enters Room; “Good Bye Kiss” by Moret
  46. Levine Reading Newspaper: WE AMERICANS THEME
  47. Pop’s Right: “Yankee Doodle Boy” by Cohan
  48. Soldier’s Hat Appears: MOTHER THEME
  49. Embraces Dad: “Good-Bye Broadway, Hello France” by Baskette
  50. Troops Advancing In Rain—Under Fire; “Gruesome War Theme” by Rapee
  51. Philip Falls Into Trench: Taps
  52. Insert—“GIVE TILL IT HURTS”: “For Your Boy and My Boy” by Van Alstyne
  53. Messenger Boy Appears: “La Foret Perfide” by Gabriel Marie
  54. Flash-Back To Class Room: “Musotte” by de Herve
  55. Insert—“Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address”: “Glory, Glory Hallelujah” by Steffe
  56. Insert—Telegram; Taps
  57. Mother Screams: “Dear Little Boy of Mine” ball
  58. 1918: “Where Do We Go From Here?” by Wenrich
  59. Troops At Rest: “Give My Regards to Broadway” by Cohan
  60. Pete Embraced By Parents: “Dear Little Boy of Mine” ball
  61. Parade Starts Again: “Glory, Glory Hallelujah” by Steffe
  62. Insert—“HUGH DEAR”: LOVE THEME
  63. Beth and Mother: MOTHER THEME
  64. Bell Rings—Peter Enters: “Plus Jamais” by Gabriel Marie
  65. Oh Mother, I Almost Forgot: “La Belle Eleanor” by Frey
  66. Hugh Enters Room: LOVE THEME
  67. Pete, I Had No Idea: “My Buddy” by Donaldson
  68. Phil, Levine Was Your Brother: “Lamento from Pique Dame” by Tschaikowsky
  69. Hugh Kneels In Front of Mrs. Levine: MOTHER THEME
  70. Stairway—Pete Going Out: “My Own United States” by Edwards
  71. and Mrs. Bradleigh Enter Room; “In Love” by Howgill
  72. Pressing Plant: “Boruch Habo” by Friedsell
  73. Flash-Back To Home: MOTHER THEME
  74. Beth Dear, I Am Very Partial: WE AMERICANS THEME
  75. After Levine Shakes Hands With Bradleighs: LOVE THEME

Source: Carl Braun Collection


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