Wild Beauty

Title: Wild Beauty

Author: James C. Bradford

Publisher: Thematic Music Cue Sheet, 1927


Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: James C. Bradford

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  1. At Screening: “Le Seigneur de Kermor” by Gabriel Marie
  2. In The Spring of 1918: “Battle-Tumult-Blaze” by Becce
  3. A Westerner Could Not Mistake: “Storm Music” by Ketelbey
  4. The Armistice Brought Peace: Repeat No.1 “Le Seigneur de Kermor”
  5. Again The White Stallion; “The Night Riders” by Axt
  6. At The Moran Ranch: “Me and the Boy Friend” by Monaco
  7. Bill Asleep: “Please Go ‘Way and Let Me Sleep” by Von Tilzer’s Old Time Favorite Hits
  8. Adjoining Bill Moran’s Ranch: “Moon Madness” by Lodge
  9. What’s The Matter Father?: “Melancholic Appassionato” by Rapee
  10. Valerie Agreed: “Canzonetta” by Carrozzini
  11. Jim Kennedy: “Six Furlongs” by Bub
  12. So Kennedy: “In Gloomy Forest” by Axt
  13. They Rope Thunderhoof: “Agitato” by Engleman
  14. Three Months Ago; “Lovers’ Lane” by Roberts
  15. Kennedy Appears: “Plotting Foe” by Kilenyi
  16. Perhaps Mr. Kennedy: Repeat No.1 “Le Seigneur de Kermor”
  17. Flash-Back To Kennedy and Old Gentlman: “Canzone d’Amore” by Lowitz
  18. Spring Was In The Air: “Whispers” by Dean
  19. Only The Brave Deserve The Fair: “Breezin’ Along With The Breeze” by Whiting
  20. Helen Appears: “In Despair” by Berge
  21. It Wasn’t The First Time: “In The Depths” by Berge
  22. With Charger Crippled: “Heart’s Desire” by Varley
  23. Kennedy and His Pals: “Stealthy Escape” by Zamecnik
  24. Valerie and her Rider: “My Baby Knows How” by Davis
  25. Thunderhoof Was Weak: “Ain’t She Sweet?” by Ager
  26. Kennedy and Pals Appear: “La Foret Perfide” by Gabriel Marie
  27. Bill Ropes Thunderhoof: “Poursuite Dramatique” by Drigo’s Cinema Classics
  28. Why Did you Risk Your Life: “Because I Love You” by Berlin
  29. Kennedy’s Gang Appears: “Enigma” by Borch
  30. Thunderhoof Was Beginning To Believe: Repeat No.6 “Me and the Boy Friend”
  31. Helen and Bill: “Pleading Love Theme” by Bradford
  32. The Fickle Valerie: “Oh Boy, What A Girl” by Green
  33. Valerie Was Sorry; “I’m Sorry I Made You Cry” by Clesi
  34. With Charger Injured: “Tense Misterioso” by Berge
  35. Mountain Lion Jumps On Valerie: “Destruction” by Lowitz
  36. The Day of the Race: “Ardmore” by Floyd
  37. They’re Off!: “Mounted Police Galop” by LeThiere
  38. After Race—Helen and Bill: “Everything is Hotsy Totsy Now” by Mills

Source: Carl Braun Collection

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