Wild Orchids

Title: Wild Orchids

Author: Ernst Luz

Publisher: Thematic Music Cue Sheet, 1929


Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: Ernst Luz

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  1. At Screening: “Main Street” by Lake
  2. Stone and Garbo Get Out of Auto: “Roguish Eyes” by Gruenwald
  3. Interior of Stateroom; “Wild Orchids” by Klages
  4. Garbo Walks Out of Stateroom: “Incid. Symphony No.36” by Kempinski (RED)
  5. Stone Going To Cabin Bows To Foreign Prince: “Le Chevalier Printemps” by Jacquet
  6. Dear, I Want You; “A Regret” by Byford
  7. Stone Walks From Wife and Prince: “If You Want the Rainbow” by Levant
  8. Play Once and Segue: “Out of the Dawn” by Donaldson
  9. Fade To Garbo and Prince at Ship’s Rail: “Sirene” by Viola
  10. Close-Up of Garbo and Prince Kissing: “Reverie Poetique” by Baron
  11. Garbo Gets Into Bed: Repeat No.3 “Wild Orchids”
  12. Play Once and Segue: “Chant d’Amour” by Frommel
  13. Flash To Prince With Whip: Repeat RED
  14. I Had A Terrible Nightmare: “Sincerite” by Sanderson
  15. Java: “Yohmey” by Walton
  16. I Won’t Take Anything: “Melodic Appassionato No.1” by Marquardt
  17. Prince Enters Cabin To Stone and Wife: “A Summer Day” by Wright
  18. Fade To Javanese Exterior Scene: “Oriental Style” by Armandola
  19. Long Dining Table Scene: “Nyla” by Smith
  20. Your Room: “The Season’s Greetings” by Marquardt
  21. Play Once and Segue: “Sincerity” by Byford
  22. People Seated Drinking Cocktails: “Petit Ballet Japonais” by Goublier
  23. Servant Refills Stone’s Glass: “Valse Slave” by Savasta
  24. Fade To Three People In Hall: “Serenata a Seny” by Culotta
  25. Play Once and Segue: “Andante Appassionato” by Soro
  26. Fade To Javanese Seated On Ground—Exterior: Repeat RED
  27. Garbo Runs From Prince To Room; Repeat No.16 “Melodic Appassionato”
  28. Prince Gets Into Auto: “Siamese Patrol” by Lincke
  29. Rain Storm Starts: “Just A Gem” by Tobani
  30. You Can’t Travel; “Tender Memories” by Rapee-Axt
  31. Auto Drives Away: Repeat RED
  32. Garbo Rings Gong For Maid: “Lost Paradise” by Kempinski
  33. You Wanted To Come Out: “Love’s Emotion” by Marquardt
  34. Stone Sees Shadows On Blind: “Tragico con Moto” by Drigo’s Cinema Classics
  35. Stone Enters Room To Wife In Bed: “Told At Twilight” by Huerter
  36. Fade To Prince and Servant: Repeat RED
  37. Prince Leaves Stone—Sits In Chair: “Boreas” by Trinkaus
  38. I Just Wanted To Say: “Symphonic Incidentals No.12” by Marquardt
  39. The Jungle: “African Moon” by Earle
  40. Interior Tent Scene: Repeat RED
  41. My Pipe: Repeat No.38 “Symphonic Incidentals No.12”
  42. Did You Hear That: “Rache-Vengeance” by Porret
  43. Garbo Enters to Prince In Tent: Repeat No.33 “Love’s Emotion
  44. The Tiger Must Be: “Incid. Symphony No.2” by Kempinski
  45. Garbo Runs From Tent Into Jungle: “Omens” by Schad
  46. Prince Lying On Ground Injured: “Symphonic Incidentals No.6”by Marquardt
  47. Fade To Loading Baggage On Elephants: “Dawn of [Damaged]” by De Casella
  48. The Doctor Says: “Moonlight Dreams” by Marquardt
  49. Stone Opens Door Of Auto; Repeat No.3 “Wild Orchids”

Proper Orchestral Rest Period is Nos. 30 to 36 inclusive.

NOTE: The repetition of numbers in this cue sheet is simplified by the use of the “LUZ” SYMPHONIC COLOR GUIDE, sold by Music Buyers Cornoration. 1520 Broadway, New York City. The color suggested for repetition of numbers designates the Mood or Emotion, and is used as a code for such repetitions.

Source: Carl Braun Collection


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