Robbins-Engel Descriptive and Dramatic Series

Title: Robbins-Engel Descriptive and Dramatic Series

Author: Domenico Savino

Publisher: New York: Robbins-Engel, 1925

Series: Robbins-Engel Descriptive and Dramatic Series

Format: Sheet music

Document type: Musical score

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OCLC Number: 23832284

Contents: No. 1 Gaiety (Happiness, Cheerful Scenes, Festivals, Gatherings, etc.)–No. 2 Love Tragedy (for pathetic scene with tragic ending etc.)– No. 3 Agitato a la Valse (for meeting of the conspirators, impending danger, tragic suspense, etc.)–No. 4 Misterioso-Burlesque (for scenes of parody, buffoonery, mockery, etc.)–No. 5 Recitative and Soliloquy (to depict doubt, indecision and perplexing problems)– No. 6 Emotional Agitato (to accompany escape, flight from danger or rushing to a rescue)–No. 7 Disaster (for flood and fire scenes)–No. 8  Dilemma (for scenes of meditating and agitated tension also religious scenes)–No. 9 [missing from this set]–No. 10 Playful Allegro (for light scenes of agitation)–No. 11 Melodic Agitato (for scenes of commotion, etc.)–No. 12 Furioso (for struggles, horrors and wild scenes)–No. 13 Second Misteriosio a la Valse (to characterize the tense atmosphere of anticipating dangerous situations also for emotional scenes and excited conversations)–No. 14 Appassionato in A Minor (passion, love, despair)–No. 15 [missing from this set]–No. 16 [missing from this set]–No. 17 Misterioso Drammatico (drama, fear, mystery)–No. 18 [missing from this set]–No. 19 Elegie and Appassionato

Notes: for piano

Source: Greg Breed

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Download: PDF (piano, all); PDF (parts for Elegie and Appassionato)