The Golden Clown

Title: The Golden Clown

Author: Dr. Edward Kilenyi

Publisher: Thematic Music Cue Sheet, 1926


Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: Dr. Edward Kilenyi

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  1. At Screening: “Pagliacci Selection” by Leoncavallo
  2. Under Leaden Skies: “La Mouche de Coche” by Mouton
  3. But Rough Roads: “Feu de Paille” by Cairanne
  4. Daisy Bunding: “Rambler Roses” by Wheeler
  5. Girl in Circus Ring: “Depechons Nous” by Krier
  6. She Finishes Riding Act: “March Carnavalesque” by Friml
  7. Band Starts to Play: SONG THEME “Mattinata” by Leoncavallo
  8. Clown Hits Man: “Burlesque on Chopin’s Funeral March” by Kempinski
  9. The With His: Repeat Song Theme No.7
  10. Applause: “Horse Radish” by Ring-Hager
  11. And So The Following: “Wh[damaged]s” by Savino
  12. Youth Forever: LOVE THEME “Your Love Is All” by Zamecnik
  13. Exterior—Man Knocking On Door: “Joy” by Zamecnik
  14. Paris, The Incomparable: “La Jolie Hotesse” by Mouton
  15. Joe Approaching Girl: Repeat Love Theme No.12
  16. Joe Leaves Girl: Repeat No.14 “La Jolie Hotesse”
  17. Maison Marcel: “Valse Modern” by Lodge
  18. A Week Later: “Beneath the Balcony” by Lacombe
  19. Meanwhile Enthusiastically: Repeat Song Theme No.7
  20. Marcel and Daisy at Table: “Alysia” by Frey
  21. Thus It Was: “Burlesco Pomposo” by Lowitz
  22. Oh Well, My Boy: “Memories” by Van Alstyne (Play “PP”)
  23. Man Brings Package: “Nice-Excentric” by Callemien
  24. Daisy and Joe in Other Room: Repeat Love Theme No.12
  25. Letter Insert: “Melancholic Appassionato” by Rapee
  26. She Brings Toy Dog To Him: Repeat Love Theme No.12
  27. Joe Had Reached: Repeat Song Theme No.7
  28. Father Takes Cigar: Repeat No.21 “Burlesco Pomposo”
  29. Phonograph Record Is Put On: “Mariette” by Steray
  30. Interior of Theater: “Ecstatic Allegro” by Sibelius
  31. Joe In Dressing Room: “Tenor Aria from ‘Pagliacci’” by Leaoncavallo (Play “PP”)
  32. Curtain Opens: “La Lyre Glorieuse” by Gabriel Marie
  33. Clown Band Starts To Play: “A Frangesa” by Costa
  34. And Again He: Repeat Song Theme No.7
  35. Curtain Closes: “Overture Champetre” by Snock
  36. Marcel and Daisy Together: “Extase” by Ganne
  37. Joe Sees Kissing Couple: “Agitated Appassionato” by Kilenyi-Frey
  38. Joe Starts To Smile: Repeat No.31 “Tenor Aria”
  39. Exterior—Street: “Dramatic Tension” by Axt
  40. Joe’s First Thought: “Sobbing” by Baron
  41. Habits Are Harsh: Repeat No.31 “Tenor Aria” (Play “PP” and slow)
  42. Joe Opens Second Letter: Repeat Love Theme No.12
  43. Three Sorrowful Years: “Lamento” by Danty
  44. Close-Up of Hand with Baby Rattle: “Rock-a-bye Baby” by Luz
  45. Marcel with Girl Model: “Valse Celeste” by Wittstein
  46. Memories—Memories: Repeat No.22 “Memories”
  47. Joe About To Open Whiskey Bottle: “Une Larme” by Moussorgsky
  48. The Place de la Opera: “La Roman de Leandre” by Mouton
  49. Joe Sees Daisy: Repeat Love Theme No.12
  50. Then To See Oblivion: “Film Theme No.1” by Tschaikowsky
  51. Lillian Delorme Spent: “Sinistra” by Schultze
  52. Daisy Sees Marcel Kissing Girl: Repeat No.37 “Agitated Appassionato” (Play “PP”)
  53. In Her Desperation: “Prelude” by Mendoza
  54. Joe Faces Father: Repeat Love Theme No.12
  55. Darkness—Silence: “Facing Death” by Becce
  56. Seeking Forgetfulness: Repeat No.31 “Tenor Aria”
  57. Interior of Church: “Prayer” by Franck
  58. Dissipation and Folly: “Remorse” by Zamecnik
  59. Interior of Circus: “Out West” by Pinard
  60. Joe Recognizes Marcel: Repeat No.37 “Agitated Appassionato”
  61. Joe Enters Ring: “March of the Mannikens” by Onivas
  62. Joe Shoots Marcel—Marcel Collapses: Repeat No.37 “Agitated Appassionato”
  63. Letter Insert: “Agony of the Soul” by Becce
  64. Joe Sees Child In Bed: “Just A Bunch of Daisies” by Baron

Source: Carl Braun Collection

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