Rinty of the Desert

Title: Rinty of the Desert

Author: Michael Hoffman

Publisher: Tax-Free Filmusic Co., 1928


Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: Michael Hoffman

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Tax-Free Suggestions listed first; Taxable Suggestions second

  1. At Screening of Title: “Zelma” by Haines; “Valse Melodie” by Drigo
  2. Pop Marlow Had Traded: “Sad Thoughts” by Patou; “Berceuse” by Jarnfeldt
  3. The Great Desert: “Magic Grandeur” by Hoffman; “Pomposo” by Egener
  4. From A Previous Experience: “Beware” by Bizet; “Enigma” by Savino
  5. Patrick Casey: “Golden Youth” by Rosey; “Charmeuse” by Baron
  6. I Got The Stuff: “Agony of the Soul” by Becce; “Distress” by Breil
  7. That’s My Dog Rinty: “Love Eyes” by Zamecnik; “Amour Decu” by Borch THEME
  8. Joe Mason: “Ondes Mystereuse” by Francheschi; “Opium Den” by Aborn
  9. Rinty These Are Your: “Playful Moments” by Hoffman; “The Clown” by Peele
  10. Rinty With Bottle: “Tumult” by Verdi; “Disaster” by Savino
  11. Girl in Nightgown: THEME
  12. Rinty Misses His Mate: “Andante” by Hoffman; “Traumerei” by Schumann
  13. Museum Exterior: “Carpice” by Somerville; “Graciousness” by Smith
  14. Sorry Pop: “Turbulent Tensions” by Hoffman; “Dramatic Reproach” by Berge
  15. Mason Hang Out: “Green Vipers” by Hoffman; “Plotting Foe” by Kilenyi
  16. Clock Close-Up: “Day of Doom” by Joels; “Lamentation” by Bortkiewicz
  17. Fortget Him: “Trembling Anxiety” by Hoffman; “Thrills” by Sanders
  18. Dog Attacks Pat: “Catastrophe” by Patou; “Infernale” by Meyerbeer
  19. Cop Whistles: “Vengeance” by Francheschi; “Rage” by Axt
  20. Take Him To The Hospital: “The Tormentor” by Hoffman; “Threatening Elements” by [Damaged]
  21. Rinty You’ll Have To Find: “Destruction” by Hoffman; “Rain” by Luz
  22. I’m Sorry Mary: “Last Good Bye” by Moretti; “Tenderness” by Schad
  23. Father and Daughter: “Maggilotta” by Culotta; “Despair” by Berge
  24. Rinty’s Faith: THEME
  25. Lovers Kiss: CHORD

Source: Carl Braun Collection

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