Sam Fox Photoplay Edition, Vol. 1

Title: Sam Fox Photoplay Edition, Vol. 1

Author: J. S. Zamecnik

Publisher: Cleveland: Sam Fox Pub. Co., 1919

Series: Sam Fox Photoplay Edition

Format: Sheet music

Document type: Musical score

All authors/contributors: J. S. Zamecnik

OCLC Number: 43101274

Contents: 1. Hurry (for general use)
2. Furioso (great confusion, riot scenes, etc.)
3. Hurry (for  general use)
4. Agitato (heavy, for general use)
5. Misterioso (stealth, horror, dark scenes)
6. Dramatic Tension (sorrow, deep emotion, tragic situation)
7. Dramatic Tension (grief, sorrow, etc.)
8. Allegro Vigoroso (duels, sword-fights-struggles, etc.)
9. Battle Music
10. Storm Music (storm at sea, thunderstorm, etc.)

Notes: for piano, violin 1, violin 2, viola, cello, bass, flute, clarinet 1, cornet 1, cornet 2, trombone, drums

Source: Silent Cinema Presentations, Inc.


Download: PDF (piano, all), PDF (parts, Misterioso)

Audio: “Misterioso (stealth, horror, dark scenes)”

Audio recordings for this item were supported by the Society for American Music‘s 2016 Sight and Sound Award and are performed by Ethan Uslan.