The Better ‘Ole

Title: The Better ‘Ole

Author: Michael Hoffman

Publisher: Tax-Free Filmusic Co., 1926


Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: Michael Hoffman

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Songs are listed as Tax-Free first and Taxable second

  1. At Screening: “Nobility” by Sullivan-Rosey or “Enemies of Women” by Peters
  2. The British Held: “Flying Dutchman” by Wagner or “Les Preludes” by Liszt
  3. They Enter Ground-Room: “Little More Pepper” by Lincoln or “Laughing Beauties” by Berge
  4. Corporal Austin: “Jolly Buccaneers” by Schertzinger or “Debutante” by Rapee
  5. Explosion: “Tumult” by Verdi or “Devastation” by Herbert
  6. A Heart Welcome: “Merriment” by Kempinski or “Frolics and Fancies” by Adams
  7. Attention (Soldiers Drill): “Forward March” by Ellis or “Old Brigade” by Santos
  8. Oh Gawd—Control: “Scaramouche” by Jordon or “A La Paree” by Berdin
  9. Franz Caspard: “Beware” by Bizet or “Crafty Spy” by Borch
  10. Girl At Coroporal’s Table: “Chichi” by Hauenschild or “With Chic” by Strauss
  11. Bill Enters Tavern: “A La Mode” by Rosey or “Mamselle Caprice” by Baron
  12. Bill and Corporal Enter Stable: “Ruritania” by Schertzinger or “Rush Hours” by Sanders
  13. Rooster Picks Pig’s Tail: “Jollification” by Ascher or “Helter Skelter” by Roberts
  14. Bill and Pigeon Barrell: “Incide Symp. No.12” by Kempinski or “Gruesome Tales” by Rapee
  15. Spy Untied By Corporal: “Incid. Symph. No. 13-B” by Casini” or “Thrills” by Sanders
  16. German Headquarters: “Regal Splendor” by Luz or “Triumphale March” by Baron
  17. Who You Stickin’: “Le Secret” by Pickert or “Little Coquette” by Reiser
  18. Sand Bag Falls On Head: “Peg” by Hauenschild or “Mirth and Merriment” by Dellile
  19. Show Starts: “Incid. Symph. No.14” by Luz or “Dram. Finale” by Noyes
  20. This Was A Splendid: “D’Arlequine” by Bohm or “Symphonette IV” by Berge
  21. Von Kirsh’s Army (Watch Bombardments): “Despair” by Gounod or “Dramatic Tension 43 by Borch
  22. German Soldiers in Hall: “Villian’s Den” by Damaur or “Shadowed” by Zamecnik
  23. Dog Leads Horse Away: “White Swan” by Stultz or “Comedy Allegro” by Berg
  24. Morning Found Boucaret: “The Meeting” by Jebe or “Dramatic Tension 67” by Shepherd
  25. Alf and Bill as Soldiers: “Zephers” by Shoenfeld or “Joyous Allegro” by Borch
  26. Bill As Military Cook: “Dream of Rarebit” by Thurban or “Mysterioso No.1” by Levy
  27. Fight In Cell: “Furious Enemies” by Damaur or “Rage” by Axt
  28. Fight Ends: “Mystical Tension” by Kempinski or “Dramatic Suspense” by Winkler
  29. Alf and Bill In Auto: “S.O.S.” by Herkan or “Furioso No.11” by Keifert
  30. Motorcycle Lands In River: “The Wanderer” by Schubert or “Erl King” by Schubert
  31. Bridge Blows Up: “The Massacre” by Schertzinger or “Dramatic Agitato 43” by Borch
  32. Bill Arrested: “Prelude Satanic” by Kempinski or “Prelude Dramatic” by Strawley
  33. The General Orders You: “Auld Lang Synne”
  34. Bill Kicks Corporal: Heavy Chord

Source: Carl Braun Collection


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