Beware of Married Men

Title: Beware of Married Men

Author: Michael Hoffman

Publisher: Tax-Free Filmusic Co., 1927


Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: Michael Hoffman

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Songs are listed as Tax-Free first and Taxable second

  1. At Screening: “Merry Playmate” by Howgill or “Love Lessons” by Fresco
  2. Sit Down: “Afterglow” by Clutsam or “Purity” by Borch
  3. And So I Willingly Write: THEME “Love Eyes” by Zamecnick or “All For You” by Herbert
  4. Helene Martin: “Capricietta” by Varley or “Strolling Dolly” by Lindgreen
  5. Huntley Sheldon: “Smiles” by Somerville or “Comedy Capers” by Steele
  6. Sheldon Is This Visit: “Dovce Recontre” by Gab. Maie or “Constance” by Golden
  7. Hunter Sheldon Is: “Violent Tempres” by Hoffman or “Rage” by Axt
  8. (Sign) SEVEN OAKS: “June Charmant” by Godin or “Clara” by Winkler
  9. He Sits Down To Write: “Abusive Tongues” by Hoffman or “Terreur” by Baron
  10. Detective At Window: “Pastime” by Clutsam or “Soubrette” by Silbert
  11. Botts Are You Certain: “The Tormentor” by Hoffman or “Threatening Elements” by (damaged)
  12. A Couple Of Headaches: “Amour Decu” by Borch or “Love Triumphant” by Joels
  13. But A Thing Like This: THEME
  14. Detective and Mrs. Sheldon In Office: “Green Vipers” by Hoffman or “Plotting Foe” by Kilenyi
  15. Your Face Is Strangely Familiar: “Grave Humor” by Becce or “Dramatic Reproach’ by Berge
  16. Cnady Box With Card: THEME
  17. I Represent The Young: “Passion Flowers” by Somerville or “Loves Glamour” by Varley
  18. Helene and Husband At Door: “Zelma” by Haines or “Valse Meldie” by Drigo
  19. Has Huntley Sheldon Been Here: “You and I” by Lotter or “Tenderness” by Schad
  20. Sheldon and Detective In Office: “The Ravage” by Hoffman or “Force Of Destiny” by Verdi
  21. Gilbert (lawyer) Enters Apartment: “Vengeance” by Francheschi or “Appasionato” by Rapee
  22. A Friend Of My Wife’s: “Critical Situation” by Becce or “Elopement” by Carrozzini
  23. There’s A Woman Here: “Agony Of The Soul” by Becce or “Appassionato Lirico” by Berge
  24. What Are You Doing Here: “Flirting Waves” by Taubert or “Debutante” by Axt
  25. Now You May Kiss Me: “Loitering Shadows” by Hoffman or “Prowlng Schemers” by Carbonara
  26. Sisters Enter Apartment: “Elfantanz” by Lhar or “Valse Caprice” by Kiefert
  27. You See Dear: “Cherry Ripe” by Cussans or “Cheritza” by Breau
  28. Detective Falls Down Stairs: CHORD

Source: Carl Braun Collection

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