The First Auto

Title: The First Auto

Author: Michael Hoffman

Publisher: Tax-Free Filmusic Co., 1927


Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: Michael Hoffman

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(Note: Taxable suggestions torn off page, all suggestions are Tax-Free)

  1. At Screening of Title: “Caprice” by Somerville
  2. Race Horse Poster: “Kiddy” by Latann
  3. Maple City Is Proud: “Flick & Flock” by Patou
  4. Hank’s Livery Stable: “Solemn Thoughts” by Hoffman
  5. A Wild Party: THEME “Dream of Love” by Liszt-Rosey
  6. Throughout The Following: “Facing Death” by Becce
  7. Little Girl, You’re All: “By Gone Days” by Carr
  8. The Death Of: “Little More Pepper” by Lincoln
  9. Hank—This is Mr. Hays: “Village Holiday” by Gillet
  10. It Remained For Squire: “Fame and Glory” by Matt
  11. Auto Starts Running: “Infernal Furioso” by Hoffman
  12. But Progress Isn’t Halted: “Pastime” by Clutsam
  13. Auto and Horse Race: “Aeroplane” by Lamothe
  14. The Horse Wins: “Rosemary” by Wheeler
  15. Father and Son Dispute: “Apasionato” by Carabotta
  16. Not Even Bob: “Cupid’s Surprise” by Gross
  17. Barney Oldfield Speeds: “Tumult” by Verdi
  18. With The Passing: “Sweet Lavender” by Wheeler
  19. And With The Disappearance: “Day of Doom” by Joels
  20. Man Whips Horse: “Pangs of Passion” by Hoffman
  21. Estranged From The Son: “Afterglow” by Clutsam
  22. (Letter) Dear Rose: THEME
  23. Thus in 1904: “Frolics and Youth” by Hoffman
  24. Business and Friends Gone: “Sad Thoughts” by Fletcher
  25. Sure Sulphur: “Plotting” by Rosey
  26. Armstrong, I Want You: “Andante Appasionato” by BEcce
  27. God That Car Will Never: “The Ravage” by Hoffman
  28. Accident—Bob Falls: “The Catastrophe” by Patou
  29. Hank Throws Lamp Down: “Dance of The Furies” by Gluck
  31. The End of the Trail: CHORD

Source: Carl Braun Collection

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