The Fool’s Awakening

Title: The Fool’s Awakening

Author: Maurice Baron

Publisher: Thematic Music Cue Sheets, 1924


Format: Cue sheet

Document type: Cue sheet

All authors/contributors: Maurice Baron

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  1. At Screening: Prelude to ‘Heroical Love Drama’ by Baron
  2. John Briggs Late of: In the Clouds by Waldteufel
  3. Man Re-Enters Room After Getting Parcels from Maid: Love’s Romance by Padney
  4. Olivia Gale: Bridal Paths by Langford
  5. Man Puts Record on Victrola: Bebe by Silver (Phonograph)
  6. Flash-Back to Man at Table Writing: Romantic Melody by Macbeth
  7. And in Due Time: Sleeping Rose by Borch
  8. Maid Opens Hall Door: The voice of Spring by Drumm
  9. Maid Takes Check from Man: Lanette by Henton
  10. In the Days that Followed: Incidental Symphony No. 15 by Thomas
  11. Man Walks Off Following Girl: Repeat No. 3 “Love’s Romance”
  12. Naturally the Tea Table: Moon Dreams by Eville
  13. John’s Mother: Repeat No. 3, “Love’s Romance”
  14. Child on Beach with Dog: Pine Tree Echoes by Schoenfeld
  15. Boy Opens Letter: Romantic Melody by Macbeth

SEGUE: Intermezzo by Crist

  1. The Reception: Valse Slave by Savasta
  2. Your Husband and I Are Old Friends: Haven of Love by Festoso

SEGUE: Legende by Wieniawski

  1. Fade-Out as Author Bows Head: Songe D’Enfant by Gabriel-Marie

SEGUE: Love Song by Flegier

  1. Briggs Walks From Friend’s Home: Repeat No. 10, “Incidental Symphony No. 15”
  2. At Ten the Following Morning: Romance of a Rose by O’Connor
  3. End of Scene in Hospital: Love is Coming by Friedland
  4. In the Weeks that Followed: Fascination by Lenzberg
  5. Autos Stop: Repeat No. 10, “Incidental Symphony, No. 15”
  6. Auto Goes Over Cliff: Repeat No. 3, “Love’s Romance”

Notes: Cues transcribed by Mariana Whitmer.

Source: Silent Film Collection, Claire Hamack materials, American Music Research Center, University of Colorado at Boulder


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