The Guilty One

Title: The Guilty One

Author: James C. Bradford

Publisher: Thematic Music Cue Sheets, 1924


Format: Cue sheet

Document type: Cue sheet

All authors/contributors: James C. Bradford

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  1. At Screening: April’s Lady by Ancliffe
  2. Donald Short: La Coquette by Rapee-Axt
  3. Dog Appears – Chases Cat: Rustic Allegro by Savino
  4. Maid With Irene’s Wraps: THEME: Sweet Love Dreams by David
  5. The Maynards: Pierrette Flirts by Fresco
  6. And Since That Was: Irresistible by Bustanoby
  7. Dancing Starts: Bebe by Silver
  8. Dancing Stops: Southern Nights by Guion
  9. Irene and David Rise from Table: I Love You by Archer
  10. Donald Found: Hedge Roses by Frey
  11. Seaton Davis Found: Glad Days by Berche
  12. The Current Issue: Pierrot by Speciale
  13. The Cowards: Dramatic Andante No. 1 by Axt
  14. When Philip Located: Appassionato No. 1 by Axt
  15. Donald Leaves Home: Allegro Agitato by Savino
  16. Davis Room – Body On Floor: Elegie by Arensky
  17. Donald Enters Irene’s Room: Agitato No. 84 by Berge
  18. Maynards At Door: Cendres de Roses by Arnold
  19. Detective Robert Jordan: Repeat No. 16 “Elegie”
  20. Flash-Back to Maynards and Shorts: Repeat No. 18 “Cendres de Roses”
  21. Maynards Leave: Dramatic Andante No. 32 by Berge
  22. Detective Jordan Enters: Boatmen of the Volga by Cady
  23. In the Office Of: Obsession by Fosso
  24. Now You Tell Us: Repeat No. 14 “Appassionato”
  25. Wait: In the Silence of the Night by Rachmaninoff
  26. Irene and Donald Alone: Repeat Theme No. 4

Notes: Cues transcribed by Mariana Whitmer.

Source: Silent Film Collection, Claire Hamack materials, American Music Research Center, University of Colorado at Boulder


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