The Little Snob

Title: The Little Snob

Author: Michael Hoffman

Publisher: Tax-Free Filmusic Co., 1927


Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: Michael Hoffman

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Songs are listed as Tax-Free first and Taxable second

  1. At Screening of Title: “Little More Pepper” by Vandersloot Pub.; “Spirit of Youth” by Dahlquist
  2. Every Night After The Crowds: “Flowing River” by Winlaw; Cupid’s Surprise” by Gross
  3. At Station Ready To Leave: “Andante” by Hoffman; “Berceuse” by Jarnfeldt
  4. Jim and Marie: “Love Eyes” by Zamecnik; “One Sweet Day” by Zamecnik
  5. Mazie Boards Train: “Smiles” by Somerville; “Merriment” by Kempinski
  6. Girls Step Down From Bus: “Pastime” by Clutsam; “Strolling Dolly” by Lindgreen
  7. After Several Expensive Months: “Knick Knacks” by Shebek; “Flirtation” by Gross
  8. If You Think I’m Kock-Kneed: “Fox Trot” by Stanzy Publication; Feist Publication
  9. She Reads Letter: “Dovce Recontre” by G. Marie; “Heart’s Desire” by Renard
  10. Orchestra Starts (start together) (Fox Trot Chorus): “Fox Trot” by Jos. Morris Pub.; Remick Publication
  11. Applause (Stop and Start Again) (Chorus): “Another Fox Trot” Waterson Publication; Berlin Publication
  12. The Velvet Night: “Song of Romance” by Hoffman; “Song of Songs” by Moya
  13. It Looks As Though I’ll Own: “Cappriccio” by May; “Lontaine” by Berge
  14. In Store With The Check: “Chattering” by G. Marie; “Evening Hour” by Hulten
  15. Telegram To Father: “Playful Moments” by Hoffman; “Mirth and Merriment” by Dellile
  16. She Gets Into Taxi: “Grave Humor” by Becce; “By Gones” by Rapee
  17. What A Wet Sunday: “Grave Dramatic” by May; “Appasionato” by Rapee
  18. I Promised To Meet: “Sad Thoughts” by Patou; “Heart Throbs” by Arnold
  19. Fade Out of Father Alone: “Fox Tro” Jos. Morris Publication; Feist Publication
  20. Your Eyes Remind Me: “Pearl O’Mine” by Fletcher; “Love’s Romance” by Padney
  21. Where Are We Headed For: “Frolics and Youth” by Hoffman; “Pollyanna” by Freidland
  22. Marie (Mazie) Sees Father: “Patience Under Pain” by Becce; “Dramatic Reproach” by Berge
  23. They Play The Ponies: “Kiddy” by Latann; “Roller Coaster” by Schertzinger
  24. Pretty Slick—Your Control: “Violent Tempers” by Hoffman; “Rage” by Axt
  25. How Do You Know So Much: “Elegie” by Huppertz; “Schubert’s Serenade”
  26. I Came Back To Get My Ring: “Winds and Waves” by Hoffman; “Agitato Con Motto” by Luz
  27. What Does He Mean To You: “Infernal Furioso” by Hoffman; “Hurry” by Kempinski
  28. What A Bloomer: “Solemn Thoughts” by Hoffman; “Day of Doom” by Joels
  29. Father and Daughter Together: “Traumerei” by Schumann, Benjamin Pub.; Fischer Pub.
  30. Do You Still Love Jim: “Cherry Ripe” by Cussans; “Amour Decu” by Borch
  31. Jim Kisses Marie: CHORD

Source: Carl Braun Collection


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