The Patsy

Title: The Patsy

Author: Ernst Luz

Publisher: Thematic Music Cue Sheet, 1928


Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: Ernst Luz

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  1. At Screening: “Venus On Earth” by Lincke
  2. Doorbell On Screen: “A Ticklish Tale” by Finck
  3. Do I Moon, Pa: “Puritana” by Grimm
  4. Patsy Goes Into Kitchen: “Just A Gem” by Tobani
  5. Girl In Kitchen Writes Name On Soap: “The Best Things In Life Are Free” by Henderson (WHITE)
  6. The Yacht Club Dance: “On The Run” by Bierman
  7. Husband Powders Wife’s Back: “La Retour” by Bizet (LT. BLUE)
  8. Looks Like Ma’s Tears: “Humorous Escapade” by Delille
  9. Star In Black Sky Shows: Repeat No.5 (WHITE)
  10. The Yacht Club: “Valsette” by Sanderson
  11. Exterior Scene: “Pine Trees Echoes” by Schoenfeld
  12. Young Man In Dining Room: “The Jolly Rover” by Schoenfeld (BROWN)
  13. Don’t Mind Him: “Without You Sweetheart” by Henderson
  14. Boat Leaves Dock: “Zip” by Frey
  15. Play Once and Segue: Repeat No.7 (LT. BLUE)
  16. I’m Not Hopelessly In Love: Repeat No.5 (WHITE)
  17. The Very Next Day: “Tender Heart” by Baga
  18. Marion Davies Runs Upstairs: Repeat No.7 (LT. BLUE)
  19. Father At Door To Pat’s Room: “A Bedtime Tale” by Swinnen
  20. She Is Expecting A Phone Call: Repeat No.12 (BROWN)
  21. Doorbell Rings: “A Fairy Flirtation” by Wheeler
  22. End of Telephoning: “Allegro con Moto” by Borch
  23. Marion Davies Meets Boy On Stairway: “Romance sans Paroles” by Louie
  24. Marion Davies Opens Door: Repeat No.5 (WHITE)
  25. I’m Through: Repeat No.7 (LT. BLUE)
  26. I’m A Woman: “April’s Lady” by Ancliffe
  27. How Are You Getting Along?: “Where Roses Bloom” by Edwards
  28. Pat Chose: Repeat No.5 (WHITE)
  29. Mother Interrupts Lovers: “Andantino Idillico” by Drigo’s Cinema Classics
  30. I’ll Bet You Anything In The World: “Love Song” by Nevin
  31. Play Once and Segue: “My Dreams” by Lee
  32. Fade-Out As Father Is Seen Talking To Marion Davies In Bed: “Varsity Drag” by Henderson
  33. Marion Davies Does Charleston: “In Old Madrid” by Trotere
  34. Marion Davies Walks Out of Room: “Childhood Visions” by Starnes
  35. Marion Davies Goes Back Into Bedroom—Sees Pictures On Wall: Play No.1 of “Suite of Serenades” by Herbert (Harms)
  36. Marion Davies Re-Enters Bedroom and Telephones: “Hurry No.1” by Ancliffe
  37. I’m Through With You: Repeat No.7 (LT. BLUE)
  38. Play Once and Segue: “Appassionato No.4” by Axt
  39. You Sure Murmured An Earful: “In The Time of Roses” by Huerter
  40. Mother and Father In Embrace: Repeat No.5 (WHITE)

Source: Carl Braun Collection


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