Pay As You Enter

Title: Pay As You Enter

Author: Michael Hoffman

Publisher: Tax-Free Filmusic Co., 1928


Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: Michael Hoffman

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Tax-Free Suggestions listed first; Taxable Suggestions second

  1. At Screening of Film: “Smiles” by Sommerville; “Redzi” by Caludi
  2. It Was All My Fault: “Pastime” by Clutsam; “Cupid’s Frolic” by Miles
  3. You stick To Me: “Disturbance” by Hoffman; “Thrills” by Sanders
  4. Lunch Counter: “Canter In The Woods” by Felix; “Cupid’s Surprise” by Gross
  5. Yvonne de Russo: “Cherry Ripe” by Cussans; “In Flowerland” by Golden
  6. I’m A Collector: “Freedom” by Jenkins; “Pomposo” by Egener
  7. You’re So Strong: “Little More Pepper” by Pub. By Vandersloot; “Merriment” by Kempinski
  8. Dirty Work: “Beware” by Rosey; “Gruesome Tales” by Axt
  9. A Whiff of Old Spain: “Los Toros” by Lacome; “Cachuca” by Roberts
  10. Conductor Measures Underwear: “Playful Moments” by Hoffman; “Mischief Makers” by Carabotta
  11. Figher Puts On Derby Hat: “Loitering Shadows” by Hoffman; “Mystical” by Kempinski
  12. Fighter Goes Down Stairs: “Vivienne” by Finck; “Lady Lily” by Fresco
  13. Spanish Girl: Repeat Los Toros; Repeat Cachua
  14. Conductor and Fat Man: “Tormentor” by Hoffman; “Desperation” by Schad
  15. I Don’t Feel Right: “En Visite” by MacDonald; “Mamselle Caprice” by Baron
  16. Cornestist Blows Trumpet (Short Bugle Call) and No Music Until Band Starts
  17. Band Starts Grand March (Start With Band): “Stabat Mater” by Rosey-Rossini; “Enemies of Women” by Peters
  18. Band Stops (After Conductor Blows His Nose) Stop With Band
  19. Two Stop: “Two Step” by Jenkins Publication; Feist Publication
  20. Trumpet Call and Wait Until
  21. Musicians Get Hot (Waltz): “Dreams of Love” by Liszt-Rosey; “Dreams of Love” by Liszt
  22. Whose The Next Couple (2nd Waltz): “Sakuntala” by Goldmark; “Norma” by Luz
  23. Music Stops
  24. La-Dees and Gents There’s No Use: “Caprice” by Somerville; “Fleurette” by Axt
  25. We’re Poisoned: “Trembling Anxiety” by Hoffman; “Restless Bows” by Srawley
  26. Out of My Life False Friend: “You and I” by Lotter; “Memories” by Blossom
  27. Now Do Just What I: “Green Vipers” by Hoffman; “Fourteen Fathoms” by Lake
  28. Where’s The Money: “Nottambuli” by Cuscani; “Farcical Allegro” by Savino
  29. Fighter Takes Money From Her Stocking: “Flick and Flock” by Patou; “The Get Away” by Frey
  30. Conductor Climbs Down From Car Roof: “Love Eyes” by Zamecnik; “So This Is Love” by Goetz
  31. They Embrace: CHORD

Source: Carl Braun Collection


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