Bosworth’s Loose Leaf Cinema Incidentals, Book I

Title: Bosworth’s Loose Leaf Cinema Incidentals, Book I

Author: Charles Ancliffe

Publisher: New York: Bosworth & Co., 1926


Format: Sheet Music

Document type: Musical score

All authors/contributors: Charles Ancliffe

OCLC Number:

Contents: 1. Hurry (for exciting scenes, general combat, etc.)
2. Dramatic Tension (for emotional, tense, and tragic situations)
3. Burglar or Spy Episode (for creepy and mysterious situations terminating with discovery and flight)
4. Storm, Strife, or Tempest (for exciting, storm, battle scenes and general riot)
5. Sunset (for peaceful, quiet, and reflective situations)
6. Comedy Allegro (for railway, racing and hurried episodes)

Notes: for piano, violin 1, cello, bass, clarinet 1, cornet 1, trombone, percussion, cornet 2, flute, viola, violin 2

Source: Greg Breed


Download: PDF (all; piano), PDF (parts for 1. Hurry), PDF (parts for 2. Dramatic Tension), PDF (parts for 3. Burglar or Spy Episode), PDF (parts for 4. Storm, Strife or Tempest), PDF (parts for 5. Sunset), PDF (parts for 6. Comedy Allegro)